Organization of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine

The concept, the history of gastronomic tourism. Classification, features and characteristics of construction gastronomic routes. The description of the financial indicators of tourist enterprises the establishment and development of a gastronomic tour.

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  • Peculiarities of Russian tourism development, the first tourist organizations. The most mass tourist organization in pre-revolutionary Russia. "Shopping-tourism" - old tradition. Moscow history, geographical situation. It is the centre of the tourism.

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  • Analysis of tourism in the economic complex system of Ukraine, highlighting its features and display development prospects in the future. Relationship development of tourism Ukraine with the formation of a new state approach to tourism as an industry.

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  • The aspects of the youth and children tourism, the principles of tourism classification. The problems of the state regulation of the youth and children tourism development in Ukraine. The importance of tourism in the socially significant activity.

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  • Top 10 countries whose residents provided the most visits to Ukraine. Crucial support for Ukraine's economy of the tourism industry in Ukraine. Resources for tourism development in Ukraine. Benefits Expected from Ukraine Developing Tourism Resources.

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  • The development of the tourism industry, ways to promote and enhance the value of the tourism brand and national products. Updating the role of Kokand paper production as a local landmark, tourist routes along the territories in which it was manufactured.

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  • Tourism industry and world destinations. Famous places to visit in Ukraine. Services and the staff structure of hotels. Tourist information office. Describing a destination of New Zealand and the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera).

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  • International tourism is currently one of the most dynamically developing. Geography of Kazakhstan, recreational zones. Analyse of tourism state in Kazakhstan: state regulation in the sphere, main indicators of the tourism market. Ways of development.

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  • Conducting empirical analysis of the determinants of tourism demand in international tourism. Characteristics and features of the main factors that affect profits and prices, both in the short and long term in the tourist demand for the Czech Republic.

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  • Obstacles that hamper the development of tourism in Ukraine and the mechanism of public-private partnerships to address them. Opportunities for PPP in tourism to overcome the challenges to development of this sector; priority projects for implementation.

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  • Some of the most spectacular terrorist attacks from the 21st century and their impact on tourism market. A characteristics feature of criminal terrorism. Impact assessment of terrorist threats on the development of the tourist industry in the world.

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