Anthropology in primitive art

Western art is apply to primitive art both ancient and modern. What is meant by primitive art, exhibited and collected by museums. The field of anthropology in the arts: graphic art, plastic art, music, drama, architecture, dance and motion pictures.

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  • Ancient Egyptian culture and civilization, the religious representations of the Egyptians. The development of religion, art, science and technology in ancient Egypt. Analysis of ancient Egyptian literature, writing, music, medicine, architecture.

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  • Rich history of formation Hollywood industry of motion pictures. Golden Age of Hollywood and the great system of monopolization of the motion pictures industry. Big Six in Hollywood and they grossing films. Key coordinating actions in Hollywood Games.

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  • Overview of the performances of contemporary art in Poland, their comparison with the established system of modern dance. Principles of performative techniques as a tool for expressing the personality of a performer in an emotionally oriented environment.

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  • The development of the Ukrainian music and drama theater in the context of the national creative process of the XIX-XX century. Analysis of the activities of outstanding Ukrainian theater figures, their influence on the formation of national identity.

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  • The origins of music in Britain, folk songs and dance music. The emergence and spread of British pop culture - popular music, commercially produced in the country in the mid-1950s as a softer alternative to rock'n'roll and, later, commercial rock music.

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  • Introduction to the Japanese culture: japanese language, visual arts (painting), calligraphy, sculpture, ukiyo-e, ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement), performing arts, Japanese architecture, garden architecture, traditional Japanese clothing.

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  • The role of Ukrainian music and drama theater in the formation of the nation, ethnic-consolidating. Activity of outstanding theatrical figures was an important factor of formation of the national identity and preservation of the cultural identity.

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  • The cultural life in the country and main stages of its development. Linguistic traditions in Great Britain. Specific features of English literature. The famous theaters, museums and galleries. The well-known British novelists, composers and music bands.

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  • Richness and diversity of Indian religious and philosophical doctrines. The culture of India. Family structure and marriage. Traditional clothing in India. Amazing music and dance. Sports and martial arts. The doctrine of the "four noble truths".

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  • Searching for new means and methods of justifying the aesthetic and ethical-moral norms as the ground for analysis of the principles and devices of performative techniques in contemporary dance art. Review of contemporary Polish art performances.

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