General information about Canada

Name origin Canada. Main symbol of the country. Time zones and climatic zones. Main features of the population. Administrative-territorial division and distribution of resources, provinces and territories. State system and export. Children's education.

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  • A seat of medieval princes. The strongest fortress of Muscovy. Great trade center. The Soviet Era. Information technology, engineering industry. Transportation. City Layout. Main sights: cultural features, Nizhny Novgorod art gallery, churches. Sports.

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  • History of education of the County of Suffolk, its geographical location. The characteristics and formation of a land division, creation of administrative districts. Suffolk and the Ice age, the base of the Ipswich, a description of East and West Suffolk.

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  • Nakhodka as the administrative part of Russian Primorsky territory. Population and climate in Nakhodka. Port Vostochny the largest transportation hub in the Far East of Russia. Education, sport, objects of cultural heritage of regional significance.

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  • Scotland - a country that is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland. Consideration of the main Scottish Islands. A favorite vacation spot of royal family. Interesting facts of Scotland. Whiskey as the national drink of the country.

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  • New York City as the city in the southern end of the state of New York, and is the most populous city in the United States of America, the acquaintance with the peculiarities of formation and development. Characteristics of the main boroughs of New York.

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  • The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. The capital of Russia. Geographical location and footprint. National republics, administrative regions and autonomous regions of the country. The largest cities. The study of border states.

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  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Royal coat of arms. Four parts of the country: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The population, customs and traditions of the British isles. English how the official language.

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  • Brief information about Wales, its flag, principality. Narcissus as a symbol of state. The castle and garden, Powis, St David's Cathedral, Cardiff castle. Bute Park, National Museum Cardiff, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, isle Of Anglesey, lake Bala.

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  • Current state and prospects of mapping of border areas. Features of the functioning of the Euroregion. Organization of cross-border cooperation. The need to use a systematic methodology in the study of border areas. The geographic and thematic maps.

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  • Consideration of the location, area, population of Uzbekistan. The Independence of the country and its neighboring countries. The Model of educational system. International partnerships, investment structure. Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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