General information about Canada

Name origin Canada. Main symbol of the country. Time zones and climatic zones. Main features of the population. Administrative-territorial division and distribution of resources, provinces and territories. State system and export. Children's education.

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  • The Southeast a highly populated region of England. The main activity is farming. The Midlands a big industrial part in the country. A beautiful cities Cambridge and his fine historic buildings. Some facts about North ana East region of England.

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  • Australia as a country of contrasts, the driest inhabited continent on earth. The influence of climate on the environment of Australia. The slow-moving and large anti-cyclones. Main types of the plants and animals of the Lichfield National Park.

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  • Situation of United Kingdom on the group of islands lying just off the mainland of north-western Europe. Information about the area of England, the largest country, is also broken down by region. Characteristics of climate and geology of Great Britain.

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  • Geographical location and territory of the Russian Federation. The population of Russia, the largest city, the members of the federation. Political views and the economy of the state. Features of the business of business culture and mentality of Russians.

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  • Information on objects that were investigated in several areas of the Uvs aimag, in the vicinity of Lake Uregnur. Geographical coordinates of the surveyed monuments by GPS. The main conditions to ensure maximum preservation of ancient monuments.

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  • Familiarizing with the history of Lenina Avenue which is the main street of Tomsk. Review and description of Siberian Imperial University which was opened in 1888’s. Study and analysis of architectural features of the merchant Vtorov’s building.

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  • Formation of a series of Acts of Union, which united distinct nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland under a single government in London. The geographical location of the UK, the main water resources. The primary language spoken is English.

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  • Characteristics of the geographical position of Northern Ireland. Study of special status of Belfast. Analysis of current population of Northern Ireland. Study of languages of Northern Ireland. Characteristics of the largest rivers and lakes of country.

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  • Basic information about the geographical position of Great Britain, its political system and national symbols. Features cities and industry. The history of royal family. Characteristics of customs, traditions and celebrations in United Kingdom.

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  • Infrastructure and the main attractions of London. Characteristics Liverpool and Bristol as ones of the ancient ports of England. Manchester as one of the popular and contemporary cities of Great Britain. Features of the Bradfords textile industry.

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