Corruption, Norms, and Legal Enforcement: Evidence from Diplomatic Parking Tickets

The cultural norms and legal enforcement in controlling corruption by analyzing the parking behavior of United Nations in Manhattan. A strong effect of corruption norms: diplomats from high-corruption countries accumulated more unpaid parking violations.

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  • Features of the fight against corruption in terms of determining the scientific, as well as the regulatory concept of corruption. Consideration of the possibilities of correction of the structure, which can investigate crimes related to corruption.

    статья, добавлен 03.05.2018

  • The analysis of corruption practices between a citizen and an official of the local government. The scientific views on general issues of legal regulations of the crime prevention. The role of e-declaration in the prevention of corruption offenses.

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  • The criminal-legal content of the "corruption" is clarified. It is established that in Ukraine the legal concept of "corruption" has only criminal-legal content. The ways of improving the concept of "corruption" in the legislation of Ukraine are proposed.

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  • The concept of corruption as a social problem. Reasons of inequalities in the society. Forms of corruption and the scope of its distribution. Methods of corruption: bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, blackmail. Corruption in the Ukrainian society.

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  • The features of the British axiosphere as an example of public attitudes to political and other forms of corruption. The analysis that considers corruption as a destructive informal institution. The problem of the lack of "zero tolerance" for corruption.

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  • The most efficient economic anti-corruption measures applied in foreign countries. Interdependencies between the country corruption level and the level of economic development as well as between the country corruption and competitiveness levels.

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  • Analysis of corruption manifestations in Ukraine. Characteristics of small and business corruption. Analysis of the concept of political corruption used by the ruling elite to capture and support the government, as well as confronting political rivals.

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  • Analyze the corruption problem in the ecological sphere. The addition Prigozhin’s equation for choice from two existing opportunities by parameters, considering level of knowledge and predisposition to corruption persons, participating in decision-making.

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  • Human rights as moral principles or norms that describe certain standards behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law. Values and norms of behavior. The right to freedom and inviolability of the person.

    презентация, добавлен 08.12.2014

  • Principles of anti-corruption education in the Black Sea and Caucasian regions. The use of electronic resources, the method of the "universal instrumental system". Ways to improve anti-corruption education in the context of the Eastern Partnership.

    статья, добавлен 14.05.2018

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