Clinic bronchitis

Concept and general characteristics of bronchitis, their classification and types of conditions. The structure of the bronchi and the reasons for their inflammation. Etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, approaches to its diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Types and symptoms of viral hepatitis. The time between exposure to hepatitis and the onset of the disease. People who are most at risk of contracting viral hepatitis. Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis, methods of prevention.

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  • Use of telecommunications in maritime medicine practice. Justification for the use of telemedicine technology, the conditions for their implementation. The use of available technology to enhance current practices in remote diagnosis and treatment needs.

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  • Anoral and maxillo-facial surgeon, an endodontist and a general dental practitioner viewed the radiograph independently under standard conditions. Orthograde root-canal treatment for endodontic problems. Orthograde nonsurgical root-canal treatment.

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  • The reasons for the spread of fungal infection. The types of infections from a disease of the skin to the mucous membranes. Development of a vaccine against candidiasis. Principles of separation of biological material in modern veterinary medicine.

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  • Study of structure of the respiratory system of horse. Research of classification and symptoms of display of illnesses of overhead respiratory way for horse. Diagnostics and general treatment of infectious diseases of lower respiratory tracts for horse.

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  • General characteristics of bacterial infections of the dental pulp, familiarity with major consequences. Peculiarities of periapical lesions histologically. Analysis of hypothesized role of restorative cytokines in periapical lesion pathogenesis.

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  • Post-operative pain and posttreatment disease. The working length debate. Diagnostic endodontic conditions commonly faced by clinicians. Prevention of infection is paramount for a favorable outcome of vital cases. Necrotic pulp and retreatment cases.

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  • Root-filled teeth human. Estimating the burden of endodontic inflammation. Periodontal disease and adverse health. Chronic inflammatory oral infections. Differences exist between chronic inflammatory disease of periodontal and endodontic origins.

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  • The concept, the clinical picture of obstructive lung diseases, the development of preconditions and factors of their spillover into the chronic form. The nature of the degenerative changes of the respiratory muscles in pathology. Treatment guidelines.

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  • The place and importance of the problem of biliary system in the complex Hyper-endemic disease. Medical statistics number of patients with gallstone disease in the last ten years. Consideration of methods the therapeutic treatment of this disease.

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