Economy of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's industrial sector. Current GDP per capita. Trends in the gross domestic product of Kazakhstan. Inflow of foreign currency. Implementation of the program of pension reform. Capitalization of the banking system. Especially energy policy.

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  • Definition of the main aspects of the reform of the pension system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Description of key trends and assumptions that have led to changes in the pension legislation. Peculiarities of evaluating the feasibility of the reforms.

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  • Stable, focused and forward-looking government policy. Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis for Kazakhstan. Boosted Industrial-Innovative Development Program 2010-2014. State support of investment. Special economic zones operating in Kazakhstan.

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  • Comparative analysis of industrial sectors of industry in Russia and Kazakhstan. Calculation of the growth of the extractive and manufacturing industries, rate of average annual growth. Analysis of the dynamics of investment by analytical equalization.

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  • Complex economic evaluation of the real course of exchange of tenge as currencies of Republic Kazakhstan. Influence of oil prices on a currency national exchange of Kazakhstan rate. Directions of reforms of monetary policy of the Kazakhstan bank.

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  • The dynamics of Kazakhstan's exports of oil and gas on the world energy market. The history of the fight against inflation and the creation of a free market economy in the post-Soviet period. Fiscal, monetary and economic reserves of Kazakhstan.

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  • Definitions of unemployment and others, which is connected with unemployment. Problem of unemployment in Kazakhstan and in the world. Analysis of unemployment in Kazakhstan. Realization of Program of employment - 2020 of the Government of Kazakhstan.

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  • Formation of modern households, essence and functions of their finance of households in system of the financial relations. Analysis of finance of households in Kazakhstan. Gross revenue of households. Monetary incomes and expenses, financial resources.

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  • Comparative analysis of sectors of industry in Russia and Kazakhstan. Calculation of the average annual growth in the extractive and manufacturing industries. Analysis of trends in investment dynamics using the method of analytical equalization.

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  • The prerequisites for the formation of the knowledge economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Features state strategy to transform the economy, taking into account requirements of innovative development. Stages of the strategy of building the economy.

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  • Classification of investments and their structure. Development and implementation of investment policy aimed at ensuring high economic growth and raising economic efficiency. Problems and perspectives of the development of investment funds in Kazakhstan.

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