Ukrainian women’s organisations of Canada and their participation in gender equality movement

Analysis of the participation of Ukrainian women’s organizations in their struggle for insurance gender equality - for increase in the presence of women in all structures of governance, for the equal rights to obtain work and opportunities for career.

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  • A history over the centuries of women’s subjugation. Afghanistan’s social development. The rapid reforms to improve women’s lives and position in the family. The second era of intense women’s reform. The testing grounds for the future of hybridization.

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  • Considered a motherhood and its influence on the health of women in Greek villages of Northern Azov. It is shown that pregnancy and childbirth was always accompanied by various prejudices and number of injunctions, woman could harm to the unborn baby.

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  • Ukrainian public and political journal of Galicia in second half of XIX - early XX century: populist, Russophile, radical and conservative tendencies. Elucidation in magazines a news of national-cultural movement Ukrainian Galicia in 1848-1914.

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  • Symon Petlura - Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Army and President of the Ukrainian National Republic. Crucial Events. Petlura versus Lenin. War and Revolution. Russian Aggression in Ukraine. Champion of the Struggle for Freedom and Independence.

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  • War of 1812 as the American gap with England. Extension of slavery. Latin America and the Monroe Doctrine. Factionalism and political parties. Nullification crisis, the bank fight. Whigs, Democrats, Know-Nothings. Stirrings of reform and women’s rights.

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  • Features of formation and development of Ukrainian national historiography. The most important components of the collegiality of Ukrainian historiography, the integrity of the national historical thought. The idea of Ukrainian historical identity.

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  • Stepan Bandera's biography. Under the Polish Rule. In the Ranks of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Armed Campaign of the OUN in West Ukraine. Becomes Head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The Unabated Fight against Russia.

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  • Study of similarities, differences and contradictions in the artistic interpretation of military experience. Analysis of the literature of 1941-1943 as an example of Soviet propaganda and, at the same time, "true" art, reflecting the real tragedy of war.

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  • The state of Ukrainian religious faiths in the postwar years, the structure of Christian religious organizations of that period. The role of state institutions in the state policy with regard to Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant religious organizations.

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  • Основные этапы развития исторической феминологии. Изучение женщин в рамках традиционных социальных и гуманитарных дисциплин (литература, психология и др.). Создание Совета по национальной женской истории. Этапы отечественных гендерных исследований.

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