E-tourism, as display of dominant criterion of modern tourism-operating: relevant provisions, tools, use

Conceptual improvement of the manifestation of the dominant criterion of modern tourrepering and its derivatives. Modern Trends in the transformation of the traditional tourism industry into the e-tourism industry. Management of tourist business.

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  • The development of the tourism industry, ways to promote and enhance the value of the tourism brand and national products. Updating the role of Kokand paper production as a local landmark, tourist routes along the territories in which it was manufactured.

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  • Definition of corporate social responsibility. Analysis of the concept of sustainable development in tourism. Overview of the issues of corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry. Examples of socially responsible actions in the tourism.

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  • Tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon that exerts a influence on the development of information society and of all related infrastructure and members of the population. The state of the global tourism industry. Implementation of service projects.

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  • Peculiarities of Russian tourism development, the first tourist organizations. The most mass tourist organization in pre-revolutionary Russia. "Shopping-tourism" - old tradition. Moscow history, geographical situation. It is the centre of the tourism.

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  • Tourism industry and world destinations. Famous places to visit in Ukraine. Services and the staff structure of hotels. Tourist information office. Describing a destination of New Zealand and the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera).

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  • Globalization as major driver that has an impact on every business. How globalization impacts different industries. A historical overview of global tourism. The effects of climate change on tourism. Blue ocean strategy. Travel agencies and their products.

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  • Problems and ways to improve the business tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Government support and initiative of business tourism market participants. Changes that lead to global integration and the formation of the global market infrastructure.

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  • Characterize cultural and anthropogenic resources of Transcarpathia’s tourism, briefly review the most relevant factors and significant features of their development. The authors defining the goal by means of a primary research to examine demand trends.

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  • Characteristics of the volume of budget financing of tourism. Analysis of of regional peculiarities wellness complex in Ukraine. The main directions of improvement of financial and investment mechanism for the functioning of the walker industry.

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  • Some of the most spectacular terrorist attacks from the 21st century and their impact on tourism market. A characteristics feature of criminal terrorism. Impact assessment of terrorist threats on the development of the tourist industry in the world.

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