For the Record: Adorno on Music in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility

Adorno’s position on popular culture, presented in the context of the polemical exchanges with Walter Benjamin. Criticism of film and mechanical reproduction music (as the destruction of the "aura" of the musical event through gramophonic reproduction).

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  • The origins of music in Britain, folk songs and dance music. The emergence and spread of British pop culture - popular music, commercially produced in the country in the mid-1950s as a softer alternative to rock'n'roll and, later, commercial rock music.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of "musical innovations" as part of the national culture and economy on the basis of structuring interviews with composers, musicologists and other experts involved in the national music industry and cultural development.

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  • Jamaica is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. Culture of Jamaica. Reggae music and dancing is an integral part of everyday Jamaican life. Recreational activities. National park of Jamaica.

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  • Structure of Chinese folk culture. Decentering Chinese identity. The specificity of the multilingual nature of Chinese pop culture. The reasons for the popularity of Korean dramas in China, the policy of the Korean government in promoting Hallyu.

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  • The study of cultural characteristics of London. Features London accent which was similar to many accents of the South East of England. Leisure and entertainment. Literature, film and television. Museums and art galleries. London - centre for urban music.

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  • English-Speaking Countries. What is Culture. Holidays in Great Britain and in the USA. Music in Britain. Steven Spielberg: Movie Wizard. Charlie Chaplin – Comic Genius of the Cinema. The History of English Literature. Painting and Architecture in Britain.

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  • The development of the Ukrainian music and drama theater in the context of the national creative process of the XIX-XX century. Analysis of the activities of outstanding Ukrainian theater figures, their influence on the formation of national identity.

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  • The studying a history of development the culture of Kazakhstan. Kazakh music and musical instruments. Consideration of national games: kazaksha kures, baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu and alty bakan. Traditional customs in Kazakhstan. National dishes and meals.

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  • The study the forms of cultural industries, namely the male group "Kozatski zabavy". The activities of the group in the context of culture processes. The concept of "band" in the musical-historical process. The music band phenomenon in the cultural space.

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  • The History of The Coventry Music Museum – The Dawning Of A New Era. The museum as the life-long vision of Coventry Music Historian and Journalist Pete Chambers and his wife Julie. "Band/Artist Of The month" who is showcasing current Coventry artists.

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