Social insurance

The meaning of social insurance. The programs through which disabled and retired beneficiaries earn their income. Programs levels of medicare, which affect the types of benefits received by the beneficiaries. The unemployment insurance program.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. Pension insurance as a type of retirement plan, means of ensuring that elderly or disabled continue to receive financial benefits. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, accident insurance.

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  • The generalization of the international experience and principles of functioning of the social insurance against occupational hazards. Advantages and disadvantages of the various models proposed areas of social security reform the national model.

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  • Description of distinctions between indemnification and payment is in the USA. Application of this question is in Opened Society "Transsibneft". Governed about social benefits and indemnifications of workers and pensionaries. Estimation of prospects.

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  • The nature of environmental insurance as a category of economic relations. A description of the main directions of development and the analysis of the problem of environmental insurance in Ukraine, proposals for the development of this type of insurance.

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  • Study of the concept of environmental insurance in the scientific literature. Analysis of the environmental law in the Polish legislation concerning the use of environmental insurance mechanisms. Problems in the field of environmental insurance in Poland.

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  • The impact of the size of the unconditional deductible on the distribution of the value of the insured loss and the size of the net insurance rate in risk insurance. Characteristics of conditional and unconditional franchise in property insurance.

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  • The environmental insurance as a category of economic relations. Of structuring of segments of economic mechanism, level of development of legal framework to create conditions for security causes objective necessity for investigating insurance.

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  • The study of tendencies of market development of agricultural insurance. The analysis of market structure, participants, loss ratio, volumes. The assessment of solvency of the members of the Agrarian insurance pool in relation to the risks taken.

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  • There exists a possibility to secure oneself against financially negative outcomes of those risks by becoming insured against fortuitous events. The activities of agents-entrepreneurs in the context of insurance company strategies effectiveness.

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  • Портфели страховых компаний Японии: "Nippon Life Insurance Company", "Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance", "Sumitomo Life Insurance Company", "Meiji Life Insurance Company", "Yasuda Mutual LIC". Перестраховочная компания "The Toa Fire & Marine Reinsurance".

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