Consumer benefits of nutritional support products for people with burn injuries

Study of consumer expectations of the properties of products for nutritional support of people with burn injuries. Forecasting the demand for these products among the target consumer segment. Analysis formation of rations for nutritional support.

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  • DNA: Structure, function. Basic techniques in gene analysis. Polymerase chain reaction. Protein production and purification. Genome sequencing projects. Post-genome analysis. Engineering animal cells. Engineering animals. Transfection of animal cells.

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  • ITSN1 is a scaffold protein implicated in synaptic functioning. The effect of Ca2 + on the EH domain binding properties. Schematic representation of structure of ITSN1 molecule. Positions of Ca2+-binding EF-hand motifs are highlighted by asterisk.

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  • The use of Kernel Principal Component Analysis to model data distributions in high-dimensional spaces. Kernel principal component analysis, the KPCA algorithm. The embedded sub-manifold. Constructing non-linear ASMs. Articial statistical shape model.

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  • Comparison of reproduction of second and fifth adenovirus serotypes (HAdV-C2 and -C5) in the various lines of lymphoblastoid cells. Intensive formation of infectious virus is similar in level to reproduction in permissive epithelial cells Hep-2.

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  • What are viruses and why are thery important. How are viruses transmitted, classified. Genome properties: important features include. Biological properties. General description of carrot. Carrot virus Y: distribution, symptoms and losses, spread, control.

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  • Researching of the impact of biotoxines on humans and living organisms at all. Analysis of the results of the study of the inhibiting effect of Dibornol on the processes of lipid peroxidation. Defining of chemical substances that referred to as poison.

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  • Characteristic of methodology based on the full factorial central composite design. Study in conditions in vitro of eight Lactobacillus strains procured from culture repositories. Analysis of their probiotic potential and extracellular tannase activity.

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  • Study of the process of membrane fusion. Analysis of proteins derived from the zitoplazmaticakih membranes. Opening of homologous proteins from yeast to neurons checks the General idea. Characteristics of biochemical synthesis of biological membranes.

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  • Exploration of the effect of physical load testing to changes in skin temperatures of individual body parts, analysis of the relationship between body temperature and the level of oxygen consumption. Non-exchangeable temperature reduction of body surface.

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  • Analysis, evaluation of the ability of Hoplobatrachus rugulosus erythrocytes to phagocytosis of microorganisms. Increase of phagocytic activity of red blood cells of H. rugulosus to S. cerevisiae and Shigella sp. at high and low incubation temperatures.

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