Poetic symbolism in the musical heritage of N. Myaskovsky

Study the chamber-vocal works by N. Myaskovsky created on poems of symbolist poets in the line with cultural and aesthetic trends of the turn of the XIX-XX cent. in the context of the culture of the Silver age. The composer’s stylistics in romances.

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  • Information about the life and work of the great composer W. A. Mozart. Youth, training and the beginning of the creative path of the composer. Feature most famous works and musical style. The myths and legends surrounding the identity of the composer.

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  • Description of the childhood and adolescence of P.I. Tchaikovsky. A student musician in law school and Conservatory. Teaching activity and the first chamber works by Tchaikovsky. The most popular operas, ballets and chamber works of the composer.

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  • Studying the symbolism of the anthem of Ukraine. Investigation of the structure of the text. An analysis of the ethnographic roots of the work, features of its architectonics. Application M. Verbitsky symphonic method of development of musical intonation.

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  • Study the directions and trends in the modern Church and pasazerow music. Consideration of creative content, genre and stylistic peculiarities and differences of the works of composer A. Gaidenko "it is truly meet", "o Theotokos the virgin, rejoice".

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  • The theoretical crystallization of methodology and the discovery of the semiological significance of culturological art criticism in the complex study of the chamber art of Ukraine. Determination of the importance of comprehension the chamber art.

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  • The role and identification of stylistic particularities of the symbolism in the composer-artistic practice at the 18th - 19th centuries. The positions of international approach of Asafiev's school and elaborations of his followers such as Polish.

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  • The problems of determination of dimension of existence of music in philosophical and aesthetic views on art. Consideration of Oswald Spengler musical intentions in relation to the ethos of culture. The implementation of culture styles in music.

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  • Characteristic of quintets of Luigi Boccherini as an object symbol of the Italo-French line of chamber instrumentalism, including among piano works. Crossing of the early Romantic and Biedermeier stylistic trends in the genre model Luigi Bockerini.

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  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the genre structure of contemporary ensemble works of Ukrainian authors. Dynamic of the evolution of the structure of chamber-instrumental genres. Description of common types of genre interference.

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  • The history of music in XIX-th century in a form other than that of monographs about the leading composers, interspersed with outlines of cultural history which find room for the "minor masters". The composers of the works which constitute the "canon".

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