Microprocessors Evolution

Evolution and history of the most prominent 16 and 32 bit microprocessors in the microcomputer and how they are similar to and different from each othe. Іnteractivity addition to the combination of text, graphics, images, audio and video by multimedia.

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  • Adam Smith - towering figure in the history of economic thought. The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Travels on the Continent. The theory of historical evolution in the Wealth of Nations. Society and "the invisible hand". Smith’s analysis of the market.

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  • The impact of culture on the growth of man through the prism of the energy and informational aspects, allowing to explore human culture as a process that governs human development and explains its evolution. The study of the works of Aristotle and Plato.

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  • The historical evolution of countries and peoples as a complex and multidimensional process. Jump of the dynamics of cultural changes that significantly distinguished the era. The study of the genealogy of each culture. Analysis of Spanish absolutism.

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  • Analysis of the history of Ukrainian suffixation in the cognitive aspect. Genesis development of Ukrainian suffix means. The factors of borrowing suffixes by lexeme Slavs in the Proto-Slavic period are in Latin, Polish and German. History of semantics.

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  • Analyze the evolution of challenges related to the European Neighborhood Policy and the place of Ukraine in it. The evolution of Italy's perception of Europe's policy towards its neighbors in the period when the Eastern Partnership was introduced.

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  • The benefits of information technology as traditional educational institutions, and models of online education. The feature of the use of multimedia presentations, knowledge management software, video conferencing and cloud computing in English lessons.

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  • Characterization of endearing and friendly words which play an important role in informal discourse. Deals with evolution of this forms of address in british and american prose. Analysis of linguistic contacts in the epoch of globalization and expansion.

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  • Concept and setting of money, history of their evolution. Determination of cost of different types of money, their value, is in activity of the banking system. Concept of barter, his role in ancient times and today. Earliest Money and Its Functions.

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  • Evaluation of the study, based on the cooperation of historians, history teachers and functional linguists. An analysis of ways to extract meaning from texts read by students, which are effectively transferred to the ability to describe historical events.

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  • The History Of Euphemisms. Definition and function of euphemisms. Taboos and euphemisms. Semantic world behind euphemisms. Usage of euphemisms. The evolution of euphemisms. The division of the euphemisms to their meaning. Euphemisms of the profane.

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