Term formation in English, German and Russian logistics terminology

Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • Аnalyse the changes in concept of leadership in Russian culture through generations in order to understand the appropriate type of leader for Russian community. Determining roots of existing leadership system and proposing the best leader style.

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  • The national, linguocultural peculiarities of the speech etiquette units in the English and Russian languages. The role of the speech etiquette units in overcoming the problem of communicative and cultural competence. The differences of speech behavior.

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  • General characteristic of the verb. The main functions of infinitive and gerund construction in a sentence. Consideration of the most complex grammatical word classes in English. The differences between infinitive and gerund, formation and usage.

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  • The theory of expressive means by I.R. Galperin. The classification is based on the level-oriented approach. Phonetic expressive means and stylistic devices. Metres in the English and Russian languages. Lexical expressive means and stylistic devices.

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  • The translation of lexical stylistic devices and revealing if the translations keep the meaning as lexical stylistic device or changing it. Learn the structure of stylistic devices and the ways of their translation into from Russian into English.

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  • Russian collectivism and communality, patriotism. Attitude to the rules and law. Human relations in Russia. Religion of this countri. The attitude to money and wealth. Social relations in Russian society. Public behavior. American National Character.

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  • Identification semiotic superclass words. Onomasiological semasiological and characteristics of the different language units. Word formation in English and Ukrainian. Typological features of the noun as a part of speech. Details the adjective and verb.

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  • The system of language study. Subject matter of theoretical grammar of the English language. Grammatical form and category. Morphemic structure of a word. Parts of speech theory. Verb in the system of the English language. Actual division of a sentence.

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  • Description of the contrastive approach to the study of the usual metonyms in English, Russian and Turkish. The presentation of their semantic classification, which includes five basic, as well as some combined types of metonymic transfer in the text.

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  • The study of such verbal serialization (or serial verbs) in modern Persian language, as a phenomenon in which two or more verbs in a sentence side by side, in the same species and time, with subject and object is expressed only in the first verb.

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