On some properties of Korobov polynomials

Korobov polynomials as paradeterminants of triangular matrices. Some of the formulas of interpolation of functions of many variables and the discrete analogue of the summation formula of Euler - basic use of mathematical polynomials of this type.

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  • Sums, floors and recurrences. Finite and infinite calculus. Hypergeometric functions and transformations. Special, exponential generating functions. Euler’s summation formula. Domino theory and change. Partial hypergeometric sums. Stirling numbers.

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  • Solving Linear Systems with the Inverse. Transposes and Symmetric Matrices. General Linear Systems. The Fundamental Matrix Subspaces. Minimization of Quadratic Functions. Computations in Orthogonal Bases. Orthogonal Polynomials and Least Squares.

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  • Names of Greek letters and their pronunciation in formulas. Some facts on the development of the number system. Abbreviation and mathematical dictionary for the telecommunications specialists. Expressions and constructions used while retelling texts.

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  • Ways of representation of functions of two variables. Partial increment and derivatives of the first order. Application of the total differential to approximate calculations. Description of the largest and smallest values of a function of two variables.

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  • The textbook includes topics of discrete mathematics. Relations: binary relations, pictorial representatives of relations, inverse relation, functional relation. Mathematical logic: propositions and compound statements, basic laws of logical operations.

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  • The quart formula - a tool for describing the composition of functions, the modification of which directly changes properties, which are easily detected by numerical modeling. A complete infinite power-factorial functional series of the exponent.

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  • Characterization of symmetric linear functionals as the simplest polynomials. The proof of the theory that every symmetric continuous linear functional on the complex space L (0,1) can be represented as the Lebesgue integral, multiplied by a constant.

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  • Modeling the static deformation of a circular plate with discrete variable thickness. The use of a matrix green type and algebraic matrices to create an algorithm for compact computing solutions for deformation of circular plates of variable thickness.

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  • The basics of cryptography and its levels of reliability. Secret key cryptosystem and symmetric ciphers, message authentication codes. Fundamentals of discrete mathematics, homomorphisms and isomorphisms. Modular arithmetic and function Euler's Totient.

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  • Properties of Probability Distributions. Conditional Distributions and Expectation. Characteristic Functions, Moments and Cumulants. Parametric Families of Distributions. Distribution Theory for Functions of Random Variables, Approximation of Integrals.

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