Harmonization of linguistic terminology: prepositional equivalents of the word

The problem of harmonization of linguistic terminology, in particular of that related to prepositional equivalents of the word. The different languages undergo similar development processes, which results in arising of transitional language units.

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  • Mapping linguistic features in space and time. Types of gender systems, establishing the number of genders. Spatial autocorrelation, inter-rater agreement. Gender systems in Nakh-Daghestanian languages. Methodology of typological research in the field.

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  • Знакомство с основными проблемами моделирования личности по письменной речевой продукции. Особенности влияния пола и психологических характеристик автора на количественные параметры его текста с использованием программы Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count.

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  • Slang as one of the most interesting phenomena of modern linguistic science. History of animation and characteristic of modern cartoons. Some examples of different types of abbreviations, acronyms and the truncated forms of an English-speaking slang.

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  • Statements of fact that anthropology is based on the psychological delusion. Characteristics of the linguistic model of culture. The Meaning of connectionism: cultural knowledge can be organized in logical sentential characteristic form of the language.

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  • Analysis of terminology, nomenclature vocabulary, procedural vocabulary as a way to define a particular text to the official business style of the language. Evaluation of lexical and grammatical turns, speech cliches, metaphors, idioms of English texts.

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  • Beginning linguistic in Europe. Development of Linguistic with the half of the historical comparative methods. Developing of schools in modern linguistics. Descriptive linguistics in the USA. Transformational Grammar, transformations in simple sentences.

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  • Causes of word meaning changes in the English. Traditional typologies for motivating semantic changes made by world-known scholars. Semantic shifts that combines a framework taken from pragmatics with the cognitive regularities of linguistic innovations.

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  • Conversion, one of the principal ways of forming words in Modern English, is highly productive in replenishing the English word-stock with new words. Compounds and free word-groups, classification of compounds. Shortening and word-building processes.

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  • Peculiarities of compound words in English. Motivation of compound words. Homonymous derivational bases. Classification of British connections. Analysis of linguistic material. The relationship between the constituent words and phrases variables.

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  • Teaching translation by translation as the longest and least effective way to get the necessary skills. Search for lexical and grammatical equivalents in two languages. Different communicative goals used by the language, different types of discourse.

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