History of establishment and development of the Canadian Parliament

The role of the colonization of English in the political union of the country into the confederation and the legislative plan of the supreme representative body on the basis of the laws adopted by the British Parliament. His powers and activities.

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  • The coming to power of Harold Godwin after the death of Edward in 1066. The peculiarities of English feudalism. The birth of the Parliament consisting of the barons, Church officials, 2 representatives from each city and 2 knights from each County.

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  • Russia in early times. Gathering of Russian lands. A war with the Republic of Novgorod. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The process of eliminating the Stalinist political system known as de-Stalinization. New parliament and a new constitution.

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  • The history of the Soviet-British public relations in the Second World War. The high level of ideologisation and politization of the Soviet society under the totalitarian Stalinist rule, which caused the deformation of the development of public diplomacy.

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  • Goals of colonization and mercantilism. Religious persecution. Russian and English colonies: Virginia, New England, Dominion of New England, Middle Colonies, Carolinas, East and West Florida. Tax protests lead to Revolution. Mid-Atlantic Region.

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  • Kazakhstan is a multi cultural country, which is situated in the heart of the Eurasia continent. The main stages of formation and development of statehood in the territory, the first settlements. Outstanding representatives and their activities.

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  • The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States. Goals of colonization. Culture and society in the 13 British colonies.

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  • This thesis examines the history of the deaf in the Soviet Union. The disability on Soviet programmes of identity and the fashioning of a Soviet subjectivity and selfhood. Deaf individuals adopted Soviet values, to find their place within Soviet society.

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  • Background and context. Drafting Declaration of Independence. Ratification of the Articles of Confederation in 1777. Draft of a constitution for a union of the states. America under the articles. Revision and replacement the Articles of Confederation.

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  • Origin of the name "Silicon Valley". The history of the formation of this research center. Development of new computer technology, military development. The history of Apple. Stanford University and the establishment of the company Hewlett-Packard.

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  • The arrival of native Americans and Europeans to the continent. Evidence of ancient life in America. Examination of ancient culture. The history of the European colonization of America; the formation of the British colonies, the institution of slavery.

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