Bank credit risks regulation as a tool to promote investment lending of manufacturing: Kazakhstan case study

The model of stimulating the crediting of fixed assets of the processing industry of Kazakhstan. The analysis of their impact on lending and key determinants of credit risk. Basic principles and elements of the model, the recommended interest rate.

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  • The structure of banking resources and forms of credit. Advantages and disadvantages of the loan. Characteristics of the activities of banks "Bank Turan Alem" and "Kazkommertsbank". Development of recommendations to improve the quality of lending.

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  • Concept and essence of credit risk. Understanding the risk of occurrence of the overdue obligations of the lending company for loans and financial investments, due to the failure or improper fulfillment by the supplier or buyer of its debt obligations.

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  • The implementation of the Third Basel Accord raises many technical issues regarding the validation of credit risk models. Bank regulators will to testing model validation processes in order to examine the predictive accuracy of banks’ credit scoring.

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  • Definition of syndicated lending according to Kazakh law. The Types of Syndicated Loans. Peculiarities of lending to large businesses in JSC "Bank centercredit". Problem of financing of business in Kazakhstan. Special Problems of Syndicated Loans.

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  • Features of the development of Kazakhstan's economy in recent years. Monetary policy at the macro level action-oriented activities of the National Bank. Strategic policy directions for the medium term predictability of policies of the National Bank.

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  • The relevance of the pension reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the improvement of investment efficiency of pension assets. Analysis of the pension market restructuring. Impact of pension funds consolidation in the United Accumulation Pension Fund.

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  • The research intends to utilize a method to provide empirically the impact of financial crises in Lithuania, Austria and Kazakhstan, using dummy variable, non-Linear exponential model, Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity model.

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  • A description of the main obligations imposed on the national regulatory systems of non-bank financial institutions in different countries in order to improve their development. The problems in the field of regulating their activities and solutions.

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  • The level of financial markets’ development, accessibility of credit resources. Summary statistics of parameters of interest, split by export status. Typical overlap plot for most of model specifications. Firms that have the potential to start exporting.

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  • Determination of the features of effective investment policy, which can create conditions for overcoming the current crisis through attracting foreign capital. Analysis of methods for attracting foreign investment and financial control over their use.

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