Higher education in the United States of America and the United Kingdom

An analysis of the system of higher education is in the United States of America. Consideration of universities with the highest reputation: California University, Catholic University of America, Cornell University. Appearance of university of the future.

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  • Features of the education system of the United States of America (USA). Types of schools in the model of education in the United States, characteristics of the studied subjects. The specificity of the stages of education in colleges and universities.

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  • Description of statistics in the universities, University colleges and other institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom. The study of the education system in the UK. History of the University of Cambridge and interesting facts about him.

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  • Characterize pedagogical and methodological approaches to the implementation of online learning in different educational institutions of the America. Focused on the benefits and popularity of the remote education in the US schools and universities.

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  • Analysis of the educational activities of American universities. Coverage of accreditation and educational activities of higher education institutions in the United States. Trends to formation of a single educational space. Reform of US higher education.

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  • Harvard University is an American private research university located in Cambridge. Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Main campus contains the central administrative offices and main libraries of the university.

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  • Consideration the operation of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the UK. Need for Ukraine to establish a similar single centralized information portal for university access, that will help students avoid any damaging corruption.

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  • Kazakhstan’s institutions of higher education. Future areas for improvement in Kazakhstan's higher education system. Public Funding of Education (University education). Analysis of the characteristics of the higher education system of foreign countries.

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  • The Foundation of Harvard - the oldest University in the United States, founded in 1636, is a private University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Features of student and teaching staff of the University. The President of Harvard, Professor D.G. Faust.

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  • The American system of school education. Elementary and secondary education. Secondary education in the United States. Junior and senior high school. Public and private schools. College and university. The programme of studies in the elementary school.

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  • The stages of development of gifted students' education in the studied countries are distinguished and characterized. Review and analysis of a features of the reaction of Canadian educational politicy-makers to the launch of the Soviet satellite.

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