Evaluation of a complex quality index using numerical and verbal ordinal scale

Comparison of the results of combining quality indicators presented in verbal-numerical scales (based on the matrix of correspondence between the classes of verbal and numerical equivalence), with the aim of obtaining the scale of complex quality index.

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  • Discuss a number of procedures that are designed for testing the specification of econometric models, concerned with the numerical properties of these OLS estimates and refer to certain properties of estimates as "numerical" if they have nothing to do.

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  • European options on several assets. The Black-Scholes-Merton model. Numerical method. Sparse grid combination technique. Applying the method to the option pricing problem. Solving the transformed equation. Monte Carlo simulations. Bermudan styles.

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  • The method of linear programming (simplex method) as the method of systematic improvement and quality management, in particular the formation of grinding compounds, and the use of the resulting models to predict, control and optimize the process.

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  • The impact of futures indexes introduction on the volatility and market efficiency of the underlying assets. Investigation of the hedging of the futures. Relationship between the real estate U.S. futures index and American, European and Australian.

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  • Research a number of econometric models of the relationships between regional macroeconomic indicators of the labour market of Ukrainian economy. Evaluation of the developed models, the degree of influence factors, statistical analysis of the results.

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  • Presentation of two-step recommendation model based on Contrast Analysis and Matrix Factorization techniques which mutually complement each other. Providing brief overview of different Matrix Factorization approaches. Founding Influence search algorithm.

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  • Discusses the possibility of modelling individual factors determining inflation, using intelligent technology based on decision tree and matrix convolution. Constructed of the simplified model of the "manufacturers demand to profitability level".

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  • The most effective model to evaluate the enterprise innovative capacity subject to an uncertainty factor is the model based on the fuzzy sets theory. The model has obvious advantages in comparison with the expert and statistical methods of evaluation.

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  • Identification of substantial changes in autocorrelation of BRICs’ stock markets index returns after experiencing these failures of financial systems in Russia, Brazil and Chinese. Testing for structural breaks in an ARMA-GARCH-model on the crisis dates.

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  • The phenomenon of corruption. The problems of evaluation methodology and features of volumes and directions of development of corruption at the country level. The model of corruption interrelations between unemployment, competence and productivity.

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