Budget and the budgetary system of the Russian Federation

Role and importance of the state budget in the national economy in a market economy. Revenues and expenditures of the state budget, their balance and execution problems. Intergovernmental relations: current situation, problems and their solutions.

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  • The budget process at the local level taking into account modern requirements of decentralized processes. Budget reform in Ukraine were systematized distinguishing the stages of formation, structural changes and transformation to medium terminal planning.

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  • The negative impact of taxes on the economic growth of the modern state. Calculation of the indicator of assessing the tax burden in the country. Interdependence between macroeconomic indicators of economic growth, taxation and budget expenditures.

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  • Analysis of the state of the Russian financial system by assessing its concept, viewing the current structure, identifying problems and prospects for future development. Functions of the fiscal concept. The formation, redistribution and use of funds.

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  • Theoretical principals of fiscal policy and budget planning taking into account scientific approaches to defining essence and interconnection of these concepts. Main tasks of fiscal policy on a local level and factors influencing its implementation.

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  • The budget process is the way an organization building its budget. Difference from profit making. Budget planning zero-based vs incremental budgeting. Steps in making a budget for a nonprofit organization. Line item budgets and capital budgets.

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  • Local budget as the main instrument for the implementation of the national regional policy, economic restructuring and local development, implemented through the implementation of various types of entrepreneurial activities. Size of local expenditures.

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  • Monetary policy as a policy of the state influencing the quantity of money in circulation with the aim of ensuring price stability, full employment and growth of real production. Problem of increase of efficiency and competitiveness of national economy.

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  • The mechanism for calculating and collecting property taxes. Place of real estate taxes in the structure of local budget revenues. Value of property taxes to form a revenue part of local budgets. Eliminating major disadvantages of property taxes.

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  • The planning and forecasting of local budget. Expenditure forecasts on local levels for different parameters. Classes of local spending forecasting models. Official statistics on all indicators, taking into account, as well as for the basic parameter.

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  • Study of the international and Ukrainian experience in implementing the participation budget. Study of the institutional framework for the implementation of the of civil budget in Kharkov. Analysis of the problem of preliminary verification of projects.

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