Psychological aspects of the translation of colloquial and everyday vocabulary

Modern aspects of the translation of everyday and colloquial vocabulary on the example of the novel "Over the abyss in the rye" by Jerome David Seliger. Functional identification of the original and translated text. Types of cross-cultural communication.

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  • The definition of concept and term "neologism". Methods of forming and Translation neologisms. Ethnic and cultural specificity of learning a new vocabulary of the English language. Translating difficulties of neologisms in the modern vocabulary.

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  • Neutral, common literary and colloquial vocabulary. The stock of words forming the neutral stratum. Special literary vocabulary Terms. The stylistic effect of the medical terminology used by Cronin in novel "The Citadel". Special colloquial vocabulary.

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  • The highlighting of the main features of the religious vocabulary in the source text of the Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons according to the existent principles of its classification. The analyzing of the vocabulary translation in the target text.

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  • The concept of "English as a language of translation" as opposed to "English as the original language." The difference between the two main options in the context of the features of the original language and cultural traditions of the translation.

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  • Description of the source of the translation and the characteristics of the text. Translation transformation as a specific component of communication. Translational transformations on the example of translation of iris Chang "Massacre in Nanjing".

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  • Complicated professional translation types – business аnd legal translation. Features of an official style of language, investigates peculiarities of translation of contracts, their functional, structural, semantic, grammatical and syntactic aspects.

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  • The concept of translation, its object, objectives and theory. The structure of translation and types of linguistic equivalence of it. Aspects and pragmatics of translating process and the role of the translator. Main types and techniques of translation.

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  • Translation as an activity to interpret the meaning of a text in one language and the creation of a new equivalent text in another language. The concept of "English as a language of translation" in contrast to "English as the language of the original".

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  • The role of context when translating isolated words. Increased accuracy and efficiency in translation. Description of the five aspects of context, termed co-text, rel-text, chron-text and non-text in the profile. Analysis of errors in translations.

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  • Historical aspects of translation. Significance, usage and advantage of the translator, machine and audiovisual translation. Types of computer-aided translation. Translating for legal equivalence. Literary and specialized translation or interpretation.

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