Local varieties of British English: their present day status and phonetic peculiarities

English language in England: dialects, regional, glottal stop. Pronunciation Varieties of British English. The Northern Regional and the Scottish Type of English Pronunciation. Peculiarities of American and British English and their differences.

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  • Five main categories of Germanic languages. The history of the English verb. The characteristic of the Modern English verbs, main groups of strong verbs. Tense of the English verbs. Peculiarities of aspect in English. The forms of suppletive verbs.

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  • Plain English, Simplified English, and Controlled Language are three terms used to describe attempts to produce English that is easily readable, accessible. Simplified English is the term used by the European Association of Aerospace Industries.

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  • Early history of British Isles. The Iberians of the Stone Age and their spreading throughout the British Isles. Celtic tribes in the British Isles. Celtic borrowings in English. Roman Britain. Christianity in Britain. Latin borrowings in English.

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  • Affixation in the English language; degree of derivation; homonymic derivational affixes. Some problems of prefixation. Productive and non-productive word building prefixes Some prefixes in the English language in comparison with the Uzbek language.

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  • Germanic languages, their classification and main features. Main changes in the development of the English vocalic System. Changes of stressed vowels in Early Old English. Borrowings from other languages in the evolution of the English vocabulary.

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  • The peculiarity of the English language as an international in the world. Analysis of the prospects for its study among young people. The main reasons for the popularization of dialect. The use of anglicisms in computer technology and social networks.

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  • Providing some examples of literate establishment of a verb in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple. Methods for producing sentences in the present tense. Еxample of language means speech for English-Russian and Russian-English text translations.

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  • Etymological survey of the word-stock of a language. Borrowed words, their kinds and peculiarities. Assimilation of borrowed words. International words as loan words. French, Russian and Turkic borrowings in the English language, contemporary literature.

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  • Indo-European and Germanic Influences. The development of the English under the influence of other cultures. The linguistic division between the layers of the population. The principal distinction between early- and late-modern English is vocabulary.

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  • Word-formation and its basic peculiarities. Affixation in the English language. The fundamental difference in meaning and function of the two groups of affixes. Description of degree of derivation. Productive, non-productive word building prefixes.

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