Peculiarities of investment support of development of crop sector in agricultural enterprises

Development and characterization of basic measures to improve the investment process in the agricultural enterprises. The use of dialectical and synergetic method of system analysis. The management of the investment process in the agrarian formations.

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  • The main ways to improve the economic efficiency of investment activities of agricultural enterprises in a market economy. Historical facts of the formation and operation of the investment process. Principles for the creation of agroindustrial farms.

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  • The issues of investment process in the agrarian sector of the economy. Diagram of the stages of the investment process in agrarian sphere on the basis of functions such as: forecasting and programming, motivation, investment insurance and other.

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  • Analysis investment support for higher education. Evaluation of main trends in the participation of higher education institutions in the investment process. The role of investment as a factor of modernization of educational services in higher education.

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  • Consideration of the organizational basis and the results of the NAC "Ukragrolizing". Acquaintance with the main ways and means of improving state support for the investment support of commodity producers with the attraction of financial leasing.

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  • The role of farming in the economic system and the development of the agricultural sector. The problem of reducing small agricultural enterprises. Development of methods to support farmers in Ukraine through the introduction of international experience.

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  • Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • The study of the meaning, role and major problems of the investment process in Ukraine, peculiarities of its state regulation. Analysis of international investment experience, offer possible ways of increasing the investment attractiveness of the state.

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  • Characteristics of approaches to the development of methodological foundations of the process of sustainable development of industrial enterprises. Grouping models of sustainable development on the basis of external and internal economic development.

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  • The analysis of agro-industrial production. The designation of the main directions of its progressive development, the development of the market environment, entering the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine in the global market communities.

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  • Substantiated of relevance of use of innovative methods for improving the process of financial security by creating the regional investment (endowment) funds. Proposed measures that will potentially contribute to the development of higher education.

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