Short-Term Forecasting Parameters of EPS for Systems of Operating and Emergency Control

Development of a intelligent hybrid models for short-term forecasting of the expected operationg condition EPS, based on the combined use of ANN and HHT. Analisys of dinamic of change in EPS parameters operating conditions. Experimental calculations.

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  • Are given the method of determination of angular parameters, which is used in micromechanical inertial-satellite systems, constructed by the method of compensation or based on the reduced Kalman filter. Measurement errors of angles are investigated.

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  • A review of existing models and methods of applied problem solving is performed. The necessity of developing of fuzzy models of mobile objects is shown. A new formal model of mobile objects control as minimization of the control error is developed.

    статья, добавлен 29.07.2016

  • The design of cleanroom management systems. Development of a system that includes a sensor subsystem to monitor all parameters of a cleanroom. Creating and maintaining a set of requirements for cleanliness, temperature, pressure, humidity in the process.

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  • Researching software to compare noise at the input of the incoherent scatter radar to improve the constants without information from the ionospheric stations. Assessment of the ionosphere and to determine the conditions for short-wave communication.

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  • Development and practical approbation of the methodology for designing hybrid neural networks. Analysis of the effectiveness and conditions of use of this technique. Research and evaluation of the possibility of using input signals of different types.

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  • Familiarization with the scheme of passive and active transducer with mode of preset voltage. Characterization electric models of capacitive sensors at alternating current. Analysis of electrophysical parameters monitoring of nonelectric products.

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  • Discusses the main characteristics of reliability of radio electronic devices, methods of their calculation. Proposed mathematical models for the determination of parameters of thermal fields and recieved an analytical solution for the calculation.

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  • Checking the "Subjective Entropy Extremization Principle" on the basis of the necessary conditions. Distribution of maximizing preferences for a combined continuous alternative. Characteristic of mathematical models of distributions of "goodness".

    статья, добавлен 22.12.2016

  • Создание мобильных сетей для сотовой связи, передачи видео, мобильного ТВ, музыки и работы с Интернетом с высокими скоростями и качеством передачи. Внедрение принципов технологии Super 3G или Long-Term Evolution. Технические характеристики технологии LTE.

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  • Development of a method of transmission based on systems with decision feedback and the timer signal designs with the fix part of the error interval of the "good" state equation as. The definition of the boundary conditions of its use and effectiveness.

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