Handbook of adolescent psychology

Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • he author’s understanding of the concept of "national identity" is presented. It is estimated that the main factors of the development of the national identity of students are vocational education, which they acquire at a higher educational institution.

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  • The essence and psychological basis of the development of helplessness, its special significance during the teenage crisis. External social factors as a source of personal trouble - a state of helplessness, as well the emergence of non-adaptation.

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  • The phenomenon of small group’s reliability within the framework of socio-psychological experiment. A new, dynamic approach to problems of small group’s behavior and joint actions in tense situations that became everyday occurrence in nowadays Russia.

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  • The psychological problems of organizing internal company education at Russian enterprises. The organizational principles of the internal company educational system are given, uniqueness principle, of investigation by action and learning through action.

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  • The study of psychological features of specialists training in globalization and integration conditions. The development in the students of interest for the chosen profession. Factors influencing the formation of the professional identity of specialists.

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  • A person’s visible behavior as a result of a variety of influencing factors. The promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in close human relationships - the purpose of interpersonal competencies. The main components of intrapersonal intelligence.

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  • Theoretical and methodological issues of psychology of personal problem solving in everyday life. Developing, testing and validating a new technique for diagnosing personal problems of everyday life. Developing the Scale and eliminating non-valid items.

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  • The Development of Neuropsychology. The Brain Hypothesis. How Is the Brain Related to the Rest of the Nervous System? The Brain Versus the Heart. Origins of the Human Brain and Behavior. Organization of the Nervous System Structure, Sensory Systems.

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  • The study of the impact of conversations about art on the speech development of children of preschool age. Analysis of the intensity of mastering and mastering the native language of a small child. Cognitive and linguistic development of the child.

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  • Dynamics of the law enforcement system of Ukraine, rapid protection of the rights and freedoms of a citizen requires from the officer's personality trancification of the psychology readiness. Philosophical and psychological problem of modifications.

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