Teaching the English grammar to young learners

Motivating learners to learn, role of motivation in terms of educational psychology. Difference between teaching grammar to young learners and adults. How to make material easier and more interesting, how to use punishments and rewards with learners.

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  • The importance of listening skills in methodological research. Theoretical background of listening skill. The nature of the listening process. Teaching listening skills to young learners through "listen and do" songs. Listening skills and young learners.

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  • Problem of using information computer technologies (ICT) in teaching English. The advantages of using ICT in foreign languages studing, recommendations for teachers. The role of the Internet in personal and professional lives of the English learners.

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  • The approaches and methods in English teaching which relate to the correction of errors committed by the learners. The difference between the term "fault" and "mistake". The ways in which errors might be corrected in the language learning situation.

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  • Self-oriented approach in teaching, differentiation of teaching process taking into account specific peculiarities of learners, their level of knowledge. The effectiveness of the computer software use in elementary school foreign language classes.

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  • The findings of a research study concerning the use of e-portfolios to develop learners' autonomy and independence, from the perspectives of teachers and students participating in this study. The benefits of e-portfolio practice regarding learners’.

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  • A brief survey of the notion of grammar in the context of English learning. The study of the works of D. Biber, S. Conrad, R. Hudson, J. Hoomsley in the field of teaching methods of foreign languages. Factors influencing English language teaching.

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  • Teaching dyslexic students in integrated classes. The difference in learning between dyslexic and non-dyslexic. Memorization of vocabulary and dyslexia. Techniques in teaching vocabulary to dyslexics and non-dyslexics. Conception of the quasi-experiment.

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  • The perceptions of Iranian English as foreign language learners. Study the impact of technology-assisted instruction through the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies on listening students’ comprehension and speaking ability.

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  • What is the grammar. The Importance of Grammar in Learning a Foreign Language. The Psychological characteristics of grammar skills. The Content of Teaching Grammar. Methods and principles. A Brief Review of the Major Methods of Foreign Language Teaching.

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  • Specific features and methodology in teaching English to adults. Investigation of advantages and challenges of teaching. Factors, which can affect senior language learning. The methods of observational and correlational research are used in the article.

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