Variation at storage protein loci in winter common wheat cultivars

Analysis of the variation at the major storage protein loci of homoeologous group 1 chromosomes in winter common wheat cultivars developed in the main breeding center of the Central Steppe of Ukraine. Cultivars developed with the Institute of Genetics.

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  • The description of the autoassociative's neural network natural's approach for NLPCA. Review several network architectures including the hierarchical, the circular, and the inverses models. Analisys result's, which are shown on example molecular biology.

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  • Mutational selection. Citologicheskaya stability of inbrednykh lines of corn. Inbrednaya corn, as possible source of receipt of aneuploidnykh and poliploidnykh gametes. Meaningfulness of research for the institute of selection of vegetable cultures.

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  • Assigning water body (from which plankton sample was taken) to given saprobic zone. Focuses on possibility to use biota for monitoring of environment quality. Analysis and examine fields of view and counting individuals representing particular species.

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  • Analysis of the term "vitamin", its biochemical functions and health effects. Classification of deficiencies of vitamins. Pharmacology, history and etymology of vitamin. Analysis of the term "hormone", its biosynthesis, secretion and effects on the body.

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  • The Chinese tiger - subspecies of a tiger which is under the greatest threat of disappearance, and maybe, in the wild nature doesn't exist any more. The range of this subspecies in three isolated areas in south-central China. Physical data, lifestyle.

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  • Подорожник большой (Plantago major) как многолетнее травянистое растение с мочковатой корневой системой и укороченными побегами, анатомо-морфологические особенности строения растения, характеристика и особенности строения его проводящей системы.

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  • The study of the taxonomic status of the producer strain of antimicrobial substances from Streptomyces sp 2435. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene. Carrying out morphological and biochemical analysis of fatty acid composition of cellular lipids.

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  • An introduction to the basic physiological processes that occur during the postnatal development of hypoxia. Typical symptoms of attention deficit disorder, a traumatic brain injury. The purpose of preventive methods peptides, combinations thereof.

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  • Последовательность приготовления морфологических препаратов личинок мошек и препаратов их политенных хромосом. Сравнение последовательности всех 6 хромосомных плеч со стандартными картами, разработанными для группы видов S.vernum Брокхаузом и Хантер.

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  • General characteristics and history of the golden snub-nosed monkey studies, areas of their habitat. Features appearance and food preferences of these animals, the nature of relationships within the group. The history of formation of the species name.

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