A technique to solve the problem of parametric identification of mathematical models of anomalous fluids filtration processes in porous media

The problem of parametric identification of mathematical models of reservoir systems for the porosity and permeability functions of ground rock. A solve the problem based on the gradient projection method with minimization of a squared quality criterion.

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  • The problem of three-dimensional reconstruction on Android devices, sensors system. Process of reconstructing three-dimensional models. Camera calibration, finding matching points between images, the use of sensors Android device to solve the problem.

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  • Theory of condensation growth of aerosol particles under saturation conditions. Mathematical description of heat and mass transfer processes. The structure of mathematical models and the algorithm of pollution dynamics modeling in "clean rooms".

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  • Concept of algorithm and its appointment. Algorithmic method - precisely established procedure or a set of instructions which can be applied to all cases of a problem. Mathematical properties of algorithms described by the British mathematician Turing.

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  • One Useful Logic That Defines Its Own Truth. On Synchronous and Asynchronous Interaction in Distributed Systems. A Robust Class of Regular Languages. Deterministic Models of Communication Faults. The Maximum Independent Set Problem in Planar Graphs.

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  • The goal of the paper is to obtain a system of target operation indicators, which provide unique identification of the system process with the ability to solve structural and parametric optimization problems in the framework of the controlled system.

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  • A new general mathematical problem, suitable for public-key cryptosystems, is proposed: morphism computation in a category of Abelian groups. The problem seems to be hard for solving with a quantum computer. A demonstrative example of encryption.

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  • The structure chart of identification using n-th order volterra model in frequency domain using interpolation method. Numerical values of identification accuracy. The simulink model of the test system with noise generator, osillosopes. Wavelet function.

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  • Support Vector Machine (SVM). Optimization problem (mainly Quadratic Programming). Interior Point Method. Mainstream methods to solve Quadratic Programming problem. Incomplete Cholesky factorization and Kronecker factorization. Reform SVM training.

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  • The accuracy and noise immunity of the interpolation method of nonlinear dynamical systems identification based on the Volterra model in the frequency domain. The algorithmic and software toolkit in Matlab is developed for the identification procedure.

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  • Research and analysis of ways to solve the problem of reducing the expressions obtained in solving the naval system. Structure of Stokes equations. Development and analysis of an equivalent reduction algorithm based on the theory of chain fractions.

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