Methods of teaching reading in English lessons

Characteristics of reading as one of the main skills that a pupil should acquire in the process of learning a foreign language in school. The use of images with tooltips - the most frequently used teaching methods that help children learn new words.

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  • Home reading as a goal of foreign language learning. Communicative-visual means as the essential part in home reading teaching. The development of the lesson. Different types of exercises. Classification of exercises to work on the texts of home reading.

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  • General issues of home reading teaching. Home reading as a goal and means of foreign language learning. Communicative-visual means as the essential part in home reading teaching. Difficulties in using communicative-visual means in home reading teaching.

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  • The use of songs in the learning process. The role of music in English language teaching and its impact on children of primary school age. Review of modern methods of learning English. Consideration of the effectiveness of innovative teaching methods.

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  • Reveals the theme of teaching of foreign languages on the basis of communication technology. Characteristics of methods which abilities of students to carry out various activities using the english language. Description of communicative teaching.

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  • The role of interactive methods in listening and reading, their place in the development of socio-cultural competence of students. The use of information and communication technologies in the learning process and their advantages over traditional.

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  • Method and techniques of teaching pre-school children. Three stages in teaching a foreign language in schools. General outline of a daily lesson. Goals and objectives of education. Principles of foreign language teaching. Teaching aids and materials.

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  • Developing skills, English language teaching methods for foreign students. Reasons for teaching writing as emphasizing the communicative aspect of the English language. Techniques and effective methods of teaching writing. Practical advice for teachers.

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  • What is the grammar. The Importance of Grammar in Learning a Foreign Language. The Psychological characteristics of grammar skills. The Content of Teaching Grammar. Methods and principles. A Brief Review of the Major Methods of Foreign Language Teaching.

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  • The benefits of extensive reading in a foreign language. Ways to implement extensive reading in English into the "School of Foreign Languages and Culture". Study of the influence of reading in a foreign language on the success of language learning.

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  • The visual methods of teaching grammar in the English language. The main difficulties that may arise in the process of teaching English grammar. The peculiarities of the foreign language teaching of children and adults. Acquisition of vocabulary.

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