Microbiota of Periapical Lesions Refractory to Endodontic Therapy

Extraradicular Flora of Refractory Apical Periodontitis. Sampling of Periapical Lesions. Periapical Samples with Sulfur Granules. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The diagnosis of asymptomatic apical periodontitis, treatment, and prevention.

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  • The process of the removing adequately condensed gutta percha after endodontic treatment. The removal of a silver portion point during post preparation. Preserving of the apical seal. Importance of the definitive prosthesis after endodontic treatment.

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  • The clinical picture of acute apical periodontitis, its differential diagnosis and treatment. The concept of post-operative pain and the main reasons for its occurrence. Incidence of post-operative pain using two different root canal dressings.

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  • Correct pulpal diagnosis as the key to all predictable endodontic treatment. Describe the current knowledge of the pulp and periapical status as it relates to the diagnosis. Familiarisation with the most common diagnostic tests and critical reviews.

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  • The revision of negative treatment outcomes is a part of current endodontic practice. Endodontically treated teeth with implants. Apical periodontitis. Endodontic alternatives: choosing non-surgical or surgical retreatment. Bacterial considerations.

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  • A case where a second orthograde retreatment was successful in the management of an infected mandibular right first molar that previously had received both orthograde and retrograde treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of the periapical radiolucency.

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  • Pulpitis and apical periodontitis. Microbial ecology of the endodontium. The concept of infected and noninfected roots. Treatment of endodontic infection. Principles of and rationale for irrigation. Calcium hydroxide: indications and forms of application.

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  • Technique and methods of radiological's examination in dental practice. Comparative analysis the values two techniques for the diagnosis of changes in the periapical regions under clinical conditions. Methods of radiation diagnosis dento-alveolar regions.

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  • Microbial etiology of pulpitis and apical periodontitis. Strategy of infection control. Composition of flora, localization of bacteria in endodontic infections. Instrumentation of the root canal. Irrigation with iodine compounds. EDTA and citric acid.

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  • Evaluation of the possible relationship between the quality of restoration of the tooth crown, obturation of the root canal and periapical status of endodontic treated teeth with the use of a series of radiographs from randomly selected patient records.

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  • The design features of the GT System of Instruments and outlines the technique for their safe, effective use. Importance of measuring the apical diameter after initial shape has been completed. Selecting an endodontic treatment system. Hidden curves.

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