Chaos Models in Economics

Discussion of the ideas of chaos theory, determination of the importance of nonlinearities in mathematical models. Chaos and order as two opposite terms. Models with chaotic characteristics. The application of the theory of chaos in the capital markets.

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  • Research stimulated by the financial crisis: understanding the role of financial market frictions. Interactions between the real and financial economy. Methods and application for dynamic equilibrium models. Extending the monopolistic competition models.

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  • Market analysis and assess regulation policies. Pre-crisis and post-crisis windows definition. Forecast comparison for standalone models. Rolling regression with dynamic forecast for models. Realized Volatility, Bipower Variation. Combination of models.

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  • The increase in production of goods and services due to the growth of labor productivity, capital increase, new technological developments. Consideration of aggregate demand, supply models. The incentives for market. The strategy of combating the crisis.

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  • A review of the migration theories, econometric and network models. Classical theories. Network analysis of international migration flows. Interpretation of centrality indices. Results of the evaluation of panel models of international migration data.

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  • The many contributions to the modern theory of public goods, including Samuelson's subsequent writings, have revealed that there is widespread disagreement both on fundamental aspects of the theory as well as on its significance for the determination.

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  • Hedge fund research. Multifactor asset-pricing models. Hedge funds factor models. Data on asset pricing factors and descriptive statistics. Carhart four-factor model. Betting against beta. Quality minus junk. Analysis of regional focuses, asset pricing.

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  • Methodological support for specifying requirements for construction projects in rural areas. Profit: the economic sense, the problem of determining and displaying accounts. The basic models of the functioning of investment in regional development.

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  • Innovation diffusion theory: theoretical framework and application to banking. The main description and justification of innovation diffusion theory. Alternative point of view on approaches to theory. Wearable devices: from definition to evolution.

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  • The comparative studies of regional clusters, their development patterns and cooperation between businesses and the academic environment, as well as the cluster ideas promotion strategies allowed identifying optimal models of innovative development.

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  • The acquisition of skills in English proficiency in Economics, the fundamental themes of economic theory. The concept of the term "econometrics" and its importance. The activity of economic systems, the role of supply and demand in today's market.

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