Independent objects and the specifics of their interactions: ontological approach

Situational variables - the various features of the environment that were created for the participants of the experiment. Comparative characteristic of the phenomenon of independent objects in mathematical theory and in socio-philosophical research.

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  • Socio-philosophical deconstruction of the phenomenon of justice in the paradigm of the classical model of international relations. Developing approaches that allow representatives of the international community to build their own lives on an equal basis.

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  • The theory of rational choice. The most common philosophical interpretation of rational-choice theory conceives of it as a psychological theory. The formal of mathematical properties of the agent's preferences. Psychological explanations of phenomena.

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  • Philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of loneliness. Reflection of a historical digression into the study of the problem of loneliness in philosophy. The development and changing of philosophical thought of the concept of loneliness phenomenon.

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  • Versions of a structuralist view of mathematical objects. Ideas from the metaphysical tradition. Distinction between "basic" and "constructed" structures. The usual apparatus of first-order logic. Minimal way of expressing simple cardinality statements.

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  • The search for new philosophical and methodological problems of the analysis of consciousness by neuroscience methods is described. Thus, the methodologically necessary reduction of the analysis of human consciousness is presented as ontological.

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  • Freedom as a guiding theme for Michel Foucault throughout his philosophical career. The Capabilities Approach in political theory and development studies. Limit Experience and Human Fragility. The defining features of Foucault’s genealogical politic.

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  • The problem of man’s socio-cultural adaptation in information environment during the period of socio-communicative relations promoting to change the social structure, cultural spheres is considered. Philosophical essence of a man in information society.

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  • Formal axiomatic theory of Sigma as a result of logical formalization of philosophical epistemology. Acquaintance with the main features of the application of logic to philosophical theology. The essence of the concept of "formal-axiological equivalence".

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  • Research and analysis such basic methods for Russian philosophical culture as phenomenological and existential. The study and characteristic of the deep methodological phenomena of Russian religious thought presupposes further development of religious.

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  • Сharacterization of the film "Matrix" from a philosophical and Christian point of view. Exploring the specifics of the matrix as the horror of a false world created only from our sensations. Viewing the film as a dream driven by malevolent forces.

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