Emotion regulation in preschool period: academic researches in Turkey

Analysis of scientific works for the period from 1996 to 2016 on emotional regulation of preschool children. According to the results of the study, it is proposed to include this subject as a subject of research for master's and doctoral dissertations.

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  • Social support and developmental psychopathology. The multiple determinants of parenting. Psychological developmental approaches to children with mental retardation. Social anxiety and emotion regulation. A synthesis of research across five decades.

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  • Consideration of the results of theoretical study of teacher's self-regulation value as a psychological mechanism for the development of social justice. Analysis of the process of manifestation and development of the personal formation of social justice.

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  • The article presents the main results of an empirical study of the psychological symptomatology of the phenomenon of "emotional burnout" in adolescents. The main external factors provoking emotional burnout of adolescents are determined and analyzed.

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  • Study of problems in modern psychological science of the phenomenon "language personality". Definition of psychological conditions and psychodactical methods of development of the language personality of the preschool child in the process of listening.

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  • Analysis of the relationship of the emotional burnout syndrome (EBS) with the mechanisms of psychological protection and individual psychological peculiarities. Search for effective forms, methods and means of prevention of EBS of future psychologists.

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  • The study of the features of conditional promises and threats as speech acts that can be used to manipulate the behavior of others. Analysis of linguistic experiment, ragmatic, emotional and deontic understanding of the effects of conditional incentives.

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  • The study of the basic social-psychological professionally due to the problems faced by the sailor at sea and ashore. The study of chronic physiological fatigue, emotional burnout, psihobiologicheskoj changes of the body and the identity of the seafarer.

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  • Conducting of the theoretical and methodological analysis research of the phenomenon of professional well-being, its contemporary and classic models and factors. The main approaches to determining the content and structure of the professional well-being.

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  • The focus on practices, transgression. Discourse as the social scientist’s subject matter in postmodern times. Jurgen’s Habermas’s critique. From sensibility to reflexivity: contribution of pierre Bourdieu. Transgression and reflexive academic practice.

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  • Values as a subject of research in the humanities and social sciences, psychology and pedagogy. The relationship between personal traits and values among Polish students, women and men. Analysis of the relationship between personal traits and values.

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