Determinants of organizational form: transaction costs and institutions in European trucking industry

Comparative analysis of the possibilities of European and American carriers: their characteristics and description of the benefits transportation company USA, unlike firms carriers in Europe, which increasingly use the services of operating companies.

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  • Role passenger transportation in ensuring the vital activity of the cities. Development of areas, the accessibility of institutions of production, cultural and everyday life for the population. Urban passenger transportation as a socio-technical system.

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  • A comparative analysis of the state of road transport safety in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Introducing of the White Paper on Transport, in the European Union are taken initiatives to improve transport safety and to reduce the number of road fatalities.

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  • Intelligent Transportation System with autonomic functions that are cyber-physical in nature is of rapidly increasing importance for traffic efficiency and safety. This can lead to the loss of many of the benefits in regard to traffic efficiency.

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  • Transport as the leading branch of the economy, its main problems. The main objective of logistics in the field of transport. The development of transport logistics in Ukraine, its place and the chances of reaching the level of European countries.

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  • Features Rassmotrenye goods Or transportation materials through a pipe. Description history pipeline transport in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Business Kazakhstan-China pipeline, Kaspyyskoho Tengiz consortium transportation in Novorossiysk oil and gas.

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  • The developing the measures required for the effective functioning of urban bus routes, which are of great practical importance. Analysis of factors affecting the urban bus services. Improving efficiency of urban passenger traffic by transport companies.

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  • The issues of statistical evaluation of goods delivery schedule efficiency. Classification, stochastic analysis of the costs associated with delayed delivery are set. Stochastic model to assess the deviation of the actual delivery time from the minimum.

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  • Consideration and characteristics of features of the modern potential of the russian aviation industry. Investigation and analysis of solutions strategic objective of development of domestic aviation in Voronezh, Kaluga, Samara, Perm and Penza region.

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  • Natural gas transportation facilities. Design fleets and compatible CNG distribution plans. Optimization of the initial investment project. Mathematical formulas for the selection of optimal structures of ships and power. Cyclic distribution scheme.

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  • The examination of the dynamic properties of the gondola car with bogies, model 18-1711 when it moves on straight and curved sections of a track. Comparative analysis of the gondola car with bogies 18-1711 and the gondola car with bogies 18-100.

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