Ensemble of palaces and parks of Peterhof - a monument of architecture and garden park art of outstanding value: Monplaisir Palace Terrace, Marli Palace in the Lower Park, Upper Garden, The Aleksandria Park, Strelna, The Most Famous Fountains of the Park.

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  • The founders of the Findhorn garden and the community. Cooperation with human vegetable kingdom. Incredible conditions in a garden for fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs. Interaction between humans and the universe, to create a paradise on Earth.

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  • Stages of the life of the famous American multiplicator Walt Disney. The creation of television after the war. The organization at Disneyland, a magical Park for entertainment of children and their parents. Characteristics of the main animated heroes.

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  • The connection between aesthetic theories at the time of the creation of the garden and views on nature and art. An analysis of the rigor and simplicity of the garden in Ryoan-ji in historical and religious contexts. Importance of the place of meditation.

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  • A description of the organizational foundations of the London theatres. Features of the architecture of Shakespeare's Globe. The National theatre and Covent Garden as the most famous of his representatives. The history and purpose of their creation.

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  • The historical artworks and rich cultural attractions in Russia. Nation's natural heritage: the impressive Volcanoes of Kamchatka, Geyser Valley, the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, Sochinsky National Park, the virgin Komi Forest and the incredible lakes.

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  • Jamaica is the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. Culture of Jamaica. Reggae music and dancing is an integral part of everyday Jamaican life. Recreational activities. National park of Jamaica.

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  • Introduction to the Japanese culture: japanese language, visual arts (painting), calligraphy, sculpture, ukiyo-e, ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement), performing arts, Japanese architecture, garden architecture, traditional Japanese clothing.

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  • Monument to Duke de Richelieu, located in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard. The monument is directed to the sea, in front of it there are Potemkin Stairs, behind - the two buildings forming a square. Interesting facts relating to the monument.

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  • Stonehenge as first and the most famous monument used for astronomical observation. Castlerigg Stone Circle as one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain. The construction and history of the Avebury complex and Rollright Stones.

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  • Consideration of the moments of the collection of African, American, Asian and European art. Characteristic of the garden of sculptures of Charles of Ireland. A study of the history of the Birmingham Art Club. Consideration of temporary exhibitions.

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