Higher education in the USA

Higher education system in the United States, types of higher education institutions. List of conditions necessary for successful admission to the most popular colleges in the country. Features of the curriculum. Problems of the Amerikan education.

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  • Consider the literature on the issue to create a classification of skills and knowledge that should be taught at the undergraduate level of higher education. Comparison of possible ways of theoretical classification with current real life courses.

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  • Great Britain does not have a written constitution, so there are no constitutional provisions for education. The system of education is determined by the National Education Acts. Secondary education. Primary education. Private education. Life school.

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  • Normative and legal regulation of quality assurance of higher education in Austria. The peculiarity of internal and external control. Description of the legal status and activities of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Austria.

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  • The main stages of the education system in Japan, starting with preschool formation and ending with postgraduate education. The system of moral generation in the Japanese school. Features of the upbringing of children in educational institutions.

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  • The higher education in Great Britain. The Oxford University, its history, structure of the university, sources of knowledge, the famous graduates of the university. Substantial donations, loans, and purchases of the museums in Oxford University.

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  • Teaching english as a foreign language is a challenging task in developing countries in general and in our country. Its acquisition can guarantee the availability of opportunities to employment, traveling, higher education, and even better life.

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  • Basic of the education in Romania. Responsibility and administration, the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports. Pre school education, kindergarten. Primary education, elementary school. Master and doctoral studies. Absolvire, bacalaureat.

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  • The implementation of the education and training of children in preschool institutions. Selling of the conditions for the professional development of kindergartens in the field of education and upbringing of children who experience learning difficulties.

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  • Education in England is not as perfect, as we think. There are plenty of stereotypes, that British education is only Oxford and Cambrige, but there are many educational stereotypes. The story of British schools. Arguments about the purpose of education.

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  • General characteristics of the educational market of Ukraine. Feature of public and private training institutions. Education as a kind of differentiated products. Determination of emporium of instructional services state as monopolistic competition.

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