General properties of gerunds, participles and verbal nouns

The variety of ing forms. The categorial status of the gerund constructions. The internal structure of the ing constructions. Differences between Acc- and Poss-ing structures. The syntax of the Poss-ing construction. On the Semantics of Ing Complements.

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  • The Sentence from a Stylistic Point of View. Stylistic study of the syntax. Stylistic Inversion and Detached Constructions. Parallel Construction and reversed parallelism, the necessary condition in parallelism. Partial or complete parallel constructions.

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  • Analysis of semantics of refinements at the level of parsed constructions in the journalistic, artistic and colloquial styles of contemporary English. Nine semantic groups of refinements depending on the content content of the components of structures.

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  • General characteristic of the verb. The main functions of infinitive and gerund construction in a sentence. Consideration of the most complex grammatical word classes in English. The differences between infinitive and gerund, formation and usage.

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  • A feature of studying this perfect period. Analysis of the passive voice structures. Characteristics of participles and participial constructions. The essence of complex forms of time. Definition of derivatives and lungs for the confusion of words.

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  • Conducting an aspect analysis of verbs of the class of semelfaktivs and verbal constructions. The study of stable verbal-noun phrases in terms of the limit of predicates as the main parameter that determines the aspect value of the unit under study.

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  • Modern forms of the verb, grammatical verbal constructions, characteristic of the English-language annotation of the scientific article, peculiarities of their use. Similarities and differences in the grammar of the two languages, means of translation.

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  • The gerund as a non-finite form of the verb with some noun features. The grammatical meaning of the gerund. Syntactical functions of the gerund. The gerund as part of the compound nominal predicate. The characteristics of the gerund and the verbal noun.

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  • The paper focuses on the study of on similar and distinctive, obligatory and optional peculiarities of the formal organization of adjoining constructions and composite sentences. The classification of adjoined parts in adjoining constructions is expanded.

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  • The grammatical and semantic characteristics of participle I, the gerund and the verbal noun. The comparative analysis of participle I, the gerund and the verbal noun in the novel "Black Beauty. The Autobiography of a Horse" written by Ann Sewell.

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  • A study in a monograph of samples of reciprocal constructions of the whole array of languages, lighting of problems for the typological linguistics and interpretation of issues stated in the works of linguistic typology and anthropologically linguistics.

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