On the structure of artinian-by-(finite rank) modules over generalized soluble groups

Definition of artinian-by-(finite rank). Characteristic of features of artinian-by-(finite rank). Study of the structure of generalized soluble groups and nilpotent-by-finite modules. Analysis of the structure of artinian-by-(finite rank) modules.

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  • Determination of p-groups with nilpotency class 3 where all proper subgroups have nilpotency class less or equal 2. The necessary and sufficient condition for finite p-group to be a minimal group of nilpotency class 3.

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  • Affine plane curves. A brief introduction to the p-adic numbers. Regular functions on projective curves. Plane projective cubic curves with a rational inflection point. Reduction of an elliptic curve. Cohomology of finite, infinite Galois groups.

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  • Tiling of the limit space under the action of a (self-similar) subgroup. Self-similar groups and their limit spaces. Subgroup tilings of limit spaces. Tilings of limit spaces of abelian and nilpotent groups. Functional analysis to nilpotent Lie groups.

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  • Rules for binary addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Time complexity of extended Euclidean algorithm. Existence of multiplicative inverse. Cancellation law of congruence. Introduction to finite field theory. Corollary of Euler’s theorem.

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  • The order and lower order of an entire function. Using the Fourier series method to study the properties of subharmonic functions. The subharmonic function in the complex plane. The finite system of rays. The class of delta-subharmonic functions.

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  • List of the adopted abbreviations and designations. The complexity of configurations. Architecture – models and their appendices. Extreme constructive possibilities. The complexity of finite configurations. Formal discrete models of self reproduction.

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  • Characteristic of a Krull–Schmidt Theorem for nonassociative algebras. Definition of the upper annihilating series. Study of some families of nilpotent evolution algebras. Classification of four- and five-dimensional nilpotent evolution algebras.

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  • The Italian system of numeration of propositions. Account of Peano's Logical Symbolism. Russell's "Logic of Relations". On Finite and Infinite Cardinal Numbers. Connect of the proposition. Combinations and Permutations, the class of infinite numbers.

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  • Sums, floors and recurrences. Finite and infinite calculus. Hypergeometric functions and transformations. Special, exponential generating functions. Euler’s summation formula. Domino theory and change. Partial hypergeometric sums. Stirling numbers.

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  • Description of a variational graph-theoretic. Brief review of linear graph principles. Generate the equations of motion with elastic deformations, the flexible bodies are discretized using two types of finite elements. Discretize unidirectional bodies.

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