Art, Evolution, and the Consciousness of History

Art as means of philosophical reflection of history, means of cultural evolution. Artists and art directions as instrument of transformation and cultural development of society. The future of art and its variety as a result of history development.

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  • The history of ornamental gardening may be often considered as aesthetic expressions of beauty through art and nature, a display of taste or style in civilized life, an expression of culture's philosophy. The historical development of garden styles.

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  • Historical development of the photographic art as a means of artistic expression. The idea of projecting images using the camera obscura and the implementation of the first captured image. The use of "documentary" pictures. Form of fine photo-art.

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  • Basic stages of Kazakh history: early history, kazanskoe khanate, Kazakhstan, is in a Soviet Union, Republic Kazakhstan. Features and stages of development of culture of republic Kazakhstan. Influence of Russian colonization on culture of Kazakhstan.

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  • The study of the history and nature of Western attitudes towards the East, their perception of Orientalism as a powerful European ideological creation. A comparison of their culture, customs and beliefs based on the works of Homer, Disraeli and Kipling.

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  • Consideration of a public institution in the UK dedicated to human history, art and culture. The study of the history of its foundation, development and additions of exposures. Characteristics of collections, bequeathed to the museum by famous people.

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  • Understanding of democratic political systems. Corruption in society after the fall of the Soviet system. Study of the concept of "cultural intelligence". The essence of intercultural recognition and worldview. Four dimensions of cultural intelligence.

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  • Piero da Vinci in an experiment of husbandry which demonstrated through its imaginative audacity that the great artificer was after all a chip off the old block, sought to recreate circumstances as similar to those under which Leonardo was conceived.

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  • Analysis of the globalization of modern society. The problem of personal spirituality, means of strengthening the spiritual foundations of her upbringing. Features of pedagogical development of spirituality of people in the conditions of modern society.

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  • Historical roots of culture wars. A companion to American cultural history. Political and cultural divisiveness. The relationship between the state and its citizens. The role of culture in shaping behaviour. Melodrama and modernity: sensational cinema.

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  • History of the first mascara ancient egyptians. The invention is first packaged mascara from a mixture of coal and petroleum jelly. Development by Helena Rubinstein water resistant mascara based turpentine. Varieties of modern mascara: waterproof, color.

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