The ontology of philosophical analysis

The method of definition and counterexample, conflict with the cardinal principle of the philosophy of ordinary language. Preoccupation with definitions of whole systems` technical terms, tends to divert the attention of philosophers such investigation.

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  • Philosophical defenses against theory of the end of art. The relationship between philosophy and art. The difference between the end of art and "the death of painting". The logic of imitation — and the differences between Hegel's views on the end of art.

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  • The philosophy of the Greco-Roman world from the sixth century bc to the sixth century ad laid. The Stoics, Epicureans and sceptics of the Hellenistic age. Aristotel and Platon - philosophers under the Roman Empire. Main features ancient philosophy.

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  • Policy research as the main form of state-building activity. Justification of politics and political activity of statesmen on the basis of philosophical reinterpretation of dialectics. Characteristics of moral values that produce a philosophy of politics.

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  • The Philosophical Turning from the Original Infinitude to the Constituent Finitude Has the Problem of World. A rediscovery of the Heraditean Original Intuition of the World. Deleuze’s Heraclito-Spinozean Reconstruction of the Ontology of Univocity.

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  • The "force field" cultural principles of formation and holistic personality development in sports culture. Sports culture philosophy of the individual in philosophical both anthropological analysis context. Anthropological sports activities examination.

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  • Consideration of the work of Sappho, an outstanding ancient Greek poetess. Analysis of poetry through the prism of the philosophical concept of love. Expression of the theme of suffering in ancient Greek philosophy. Expression of abstract thinking.

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  • The hypothesis that there are significant differences in philosophical intuitions among representatives of different demographic groups. Verification of its provisions empirically in experimental philosophy. The main consequences of the observed trend.

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  • Development of examples in support of philosophical positions, the value of a reference point for a "random stranger". Analysis of the use of examples in the controversy about the substantiation of evidence between reductionists and anti-reductivists.

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  • The study the development of the philosophical theory of a dialogue of cultures in the 20th century with a focus on its emergence in the early 20th century in M. Buber’s theological concepts and then maturing in the semiotic philosophy by Yu.M. Lotman.

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  • Study the generally acknowledged definition of hermeneutics. Dynamics of development of the philosophical concept. The justification of the indissoluble unity of language semiotic and hermeneutic studies in the context of the process of interpretation.

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