The ontology of philosophical analysis

The method of definition and counterexample, conflict with the cardinal principle of the philosophy of ordinary language. Preoccupation with definitions of whole systems` technical terms, tends to divert the attention of philosophers such investigation.

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  • The M. Weber, P. Sorokin, E. Fromm, M. Eliade and others philosophers from ancient times to the present day were as the material study. The influence of Eastern philosophical systems on the features of the life of modern Ukrainian and European society.

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  • Consideration of Aristotle's ideas about logic and ontology and their relationship. Analysis of the philosopher's teachings about the theory of common properties of all entities and categorical aspects described by him in "Metaphysics and Categories".

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  • Philosophical understanding of the phenomenon of loneliness. Reflection of a historical digression into the study of the problem of loneliness in philosophy. The development and changing of philosophical thought of the concept of loneliness phenomenon.

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  • The Cartesian Scholar's Dilemma. The Nature of Analysis. The cogito can be understood as an example of analytic entailment, a concept in the philosophy of language whereby a statement can be a formally valid inference without depending on a law of logic.

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  • Analysis of the philosophical concept of Crystal. Evaluation of its creative and methodological potential in solving the problem of transformation of a natural language in cyberspace. Evaluation of the impact of the Internet language on the social sphere.

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  • The centerpiece of earlier attempts at founding a Marxist philosophy of science. Confrontation Marx's writings on abstraction with contemporary views of the method. Revealation rules, left in Marx for the correct application of the method of abstraction.

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  • The philosophical heritage of the outstanding French philosopher, economist and psychoanalyst of Greek origin Kastoriadis. A study of the evolution of French post-war thought. Kastoriadis as an independent thinker who has revived interest in philosophy.

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  • The medieval philosophical historiography have seen a number of reflections on the methodological paradigms, schools, trends, and dominant approaches in the field. The ideology of context: uses and abuses of context in the historiography of philosophy.

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  • The search for new philosophical and methodological problems of the analysis of consciousness by neuroscience methods is described. Thus, the methodologically necessary reduction of the analysis of human consciousness is presented as ontological.

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  • Characteristics of cognitive science and analytical philosophy of consciousness. Analysis of the materialistic method developed by representatives of this approach as the most promising in solving the problem of the naturalization of consciousness.

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