The ontology of philosophical analysis

The method of definition and counterexample, conflict with the cardinal principle of the philosophy of ordinary language. Preoccupation with definitions of whole systems` technical terms, tends to divert the attention of philosophers such investigation.

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  • Preconditions of Philosophical Thought S. Weil. Commentary on the Lectures on Philosophy given by her while teaching at the Roan School. Presentation of topics: materialistic view; after opening the mind; politics and social theory; ethics and aesthetics.

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  • Philosophy as a reflection of the objects, which exact knowledge is still hidden from us. Process of development of the questions about knowledge and how they constantly move from the field of philosophy to the area of science. Philosophical education.

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  • Analysis of logic of development of linguistic philosophy from hermeneutics to modern poststructuralism. L. Wittgenstein's ideas on the concept of "language games" to expand the "understanding" space. R. Barth's views on the problem of poststructuralism.

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  • Williamson acknowledges that "Armchair thinking is far from a "pure" method" and goes on to make some observations. He defends armchair philosophy as a variety of armchair science, like mathematics, or computer modeling in evolutionary theory, economics.

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  • The ambivalent nature of the connection between projects of information philosophy and transhumanism, which are implemented through human involvement in the digital communicative environment and speech-discursive practices of thinking about reality.

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  • An analysis of the terms of pragmatic semiotics applying Peirce semiotics to classical theories of habit change and reconstructive inference. The study of the facts of the emergence among philosophers conducting pragmatic research, "subcommunitie".

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  • Study of the direction of pragmatism in philosophy. C. Pierce, James and J. Dewey as the founding fathers of this movement. Differences between the philosophy of pragmatism and metaphysics. Addressing the future within the framework of pragmatism.

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  • An analysis of the content put by the Rickant neo-Kantian in the term "chaos". The variety of human life experiences that philosophers must transform into the "cosmos" of theories. An examination of the epistemological theories of the philosopher.

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  • Analysis of the key ideas of Anselm of Canterbury regarding the concepts of knowledge, will and the way of divine-human relations in the context of this "knowledge-will" structure. Research into the correct definition of freedom of choice and will.

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  • Review of the book by Bernard Kastrup, a specialist in the field of philosophy of mind. Contrasting the author's vision of the world with the existing ideas of the worldview. Consideration of the universal mind as the only fundamental essence of nature.

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