Actual problems of economics and capitalization value-oriented management: new challenges of marketing

The processes of capitalization of economy of Ukraine in the deepening systemic crisis and globalization of the investment market. The influence of marketing on the process of forming costs and finding new sources of value creation in European markets.

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  • The analyzing the development of Internet marketing in Ukraine. The tendencies of Internet marketing in the world and figures connected to its current condition in Ukraine. The perspective of Internet marketing in Ukrainian business and global economy.

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  • Specific features of using marketing tools in museums for their successful competition in the leisure market. Active self-financing and creation of a comfortable environment - one of the priority directions of development of museum sphere in Ukraine.

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  • Anticrisis marketing is a part of the anticrisis management of the enterprise. It should be noted that the choice of a marketing strategy in terms of crisis management depends on countless number of factors of the external and internal environment.

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  • Theoretical aspects of marketing research in the construction market. The procedure of planning a marketing research. Benefits of EXMAR. Contents of a strategic marketing plan. Tools and methods of marketing planning. Features of Marketing Research.

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  • Availability of information about the market as the main component of any market selection program. The sources of information on international markets and products. Creation of computer databases to help marketers in the problem of identification.

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  • Investigation of specialized literature regarding different personnel evaluation methods. Implementation of marketing concept in business requires corresponding service that examines marketing environment. Research and analyzing market situation.

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  • Prospects for Ukraine’s integration into the European Education Area. Features of the organization of marketing of educational institutions. Development of distance learning. The use of the Armstrong model for non-profit subjects in the research sphere.

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  • Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. The functions of marketing are: Researching, Buying, Product development and management, Production, Promotion, Standardization and grading, Pricing and Distribution, Risk bearing and Financing.

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  • Analysis of the dynamic approach to the formation of marketing strategies to capture regional markets. The development of a two-level dynamic model of regional market of domestic gas meters. The analysis of the ranking of markets as objects of research.

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  • The conceptual approach to strategy and long-term marketing program of brand management. The current approach to brand management at companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program of brand management is offered on the basis of consumer loyalty.

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