General theory of globalization

Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • Analysis of the needs of future radio engineers to learn English and the role of information technology among these needs. The need to develop programs for teaching professionally oriented English language that would satisfy the needs of students.

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  • The practical significance of joint ownership in the division of marital property. Ensuring the rule of law through the mechanism of legal regulation in general. Characteristics of components of the legal regime of the proprietorship of the couple.

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  • Обґрунтування статистично вірогідного зв’язку між кількістю компонентів прислів’я або приказки і величиною показника асоціації mutual information. Етапи дослідження для інших типів фразеологічних одиниць – лексичних і синтаксичних фразеологізмів.

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  • Training of interpreter's shorthand, review exercises on the improvement of translation skills, paying attention on the specifics of the selection of the main information in the text, the original of its translation. Translation shorthand and notation.

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  • Analysis of the low level of technical and technological base and qualification of the personnel of enterprises of alcohol industry. Characteristics of the research of the system of innovative orientation of the production activity of companies.

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  • The role of transnational companies in the global market and the way to influence the policies of developing countries. Study the need for social regulation and corporate responsibility. Analysis of the legal nature of corporative societal liability.

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  • A feature that reflects the complexity and variability of James Joyce's perception. Using paradigmatic analysis of text information. Analysis of text paradigms in the context of their way of expressing, relevance, configuration and relationships.

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  • Economic global forecast due to environmental. Global objectives, principles and priorities of timber industry. Regional historical, economic, political and cultural aspects of timber industry. Economic affect of issue on regional industry to date.

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  • General characteristics of the educational market of Ukraine. Feature of public and private training institutions. Education as a kind of differentiated products. Determination of emporium of instructional services state as monopolistic competition.

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  • The currency market, as the largest financial mart in the world. The main characteristics of the global electronic network of banks. Basic dealer centers and time zones. Factors affecting demand and supply. Stakeholder analysis of the Forex emporium.

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