General theory of globalization

Information technologies expansion. Information technologies: money recedes into the background. On difference significance in the technological time speed. Resources for new technologies. Old technologies. Global regulation for global competition.

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  • The Evolution of Received Pronunciation. The origin of Received Pronunciation and its definitions. Received Pronunciation and Non–Received Pronunciation: similarities and difference. Changes in the standard. Regional Non–Received Pronunciation accents.

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  • Franchising - arrangement where one party grants another party the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to specifications. Its regulation and significance.

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  • Analysis banking system of Switzerland. Banking law of 1934. Electronic payments. Major banks. Monetary Policy. Financial System Stability. Swiss Banknotes and Coins. Taxation. Money laundering. Swiss Banks and World War II. International competition.

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  • Theory of Translation. Semantic dissimilarity of analogous structures. Current machine translation software, his significance, types and examples. The nature of translation and human language. Different interpreting schools all around the world.

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  • General characteristics and features of corporate governance reforms in the United States and Germany over the last decade as an expansion of the state. The role of financial capitalism, public policy and economic structure of industrialized countries.

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  • The land and resources of Scotland. Lakes, climate, plant and animal life. Natural resources, population. Principal cities, religion and language. Elementary and secondary schools, universities and colleges. Forestry and fishing, mining and manufacturing.

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  • Phrase structure rules and transformations as special cases of derivational constraints. Participles and adjectives in Classical Greek. Deleting the pronoun "one" after a numeral. Deleting the constituent immediately following "be". Lexical insertion.

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  • Christie's reputation as "The Queen of Crime". The Author’s background and creative activities. General characteristic of the A. Christie's novel "The Big Four". The structure of the novel. Analysis of phraseology in A. Christie's novel "The Big Four".

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  • The peculiarity of polygonal surface representations of piecewise linear interpolation area. Analysis of functional reporting procedures. Study 3D metamorphosis, global and local deformations. Collision detection in a variety of computer programs.

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  • Sign of the main air pollutants. The role of vegetation in cleaning the breath and reducing harmful substances. Flow of atmospheric contamination at global level. Analysis of monitoring forestry. Methodology for the assessment of crown forest health.

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