Development of the world market of information technologies in the conditions of transnationalization of international business

The studying and analyzing of the current state of the international investment activity, to identify its influence on national economies, to find the main competitive advantages of the world leading companies of the global information technology market.

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  • The history of the emergence and spread of money. Materials used for the manufacture of coins in ancient times. Payment for purchases in cash or plastic cards, advantages and disadvantages. The credit policy of the state. Saving and spending money.

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  • Origins of method of payment choice theories. Information asymmetry theory. Evidence concerning mixed payment method. Evidence concerning public and private companies. Investment Opportunities Theory. Possible determinant factors described in literature.

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  • Objectives, goals and environment, the business area, sales and financial performance of Samsung Electronics. The most profitable segments in 2013. Major Products and Global Market Shares. R&D spending by Samsung Electronics and its largest competitors.

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  • Bank loans as the main financial instruments of the enterprise. Control market danger exposures within acceptable parameters, while optimising returns - one of the objective of risk management. Profitability analysis of United Company "RUSAL" PLC.

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  • Determination of the degree of maturity of the Polish venture market and demonstrated the success of firms that secured venture support for such funds. Statistical material on the number of such firms, the volume of financing and types of divestiture.

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  • The use of barter-like methods in the market. A money's functions: medium of exchange, measure of value, standard of deferred payment, store of value. Supply of the banknotes, coins. Consideration of modern monetary systems. National functions of money.

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  • An study on the ambiguities and the risk on the Russian stock market. Portfolio theory, linear relationship between risk and return and the known probabilities of outcomes. The relationship between risk and return of uncertainty intraday observations.

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  • Building the continuous linear model of international trade. Follow-up with given the rules of the contractual relationship continuously in time, commodity-money flows between the participants. Better planning of contractual relations and their control.

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  • Company and project costs of capital. Measuring the cost of equity. Setting discount rates w/o beta. Certainty equivalents. Discount rates for international projects. Measuring and estimated betas. Beta stability. Capital structure. International risk.

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  • Description the three indicators: the mutual funds cash ratio, the short interest ratio, and the odd-lot ratio and their behavior during the 1955-1970 period. Examining the simultaneous relationship between three stock market indicators and stock prices.

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