Decoration of carbon nanotubes with cerium (IV) oxide

Influence of synthesis conditions on ceria particles size. Anticorrosion properties of modified carbon nanotubes. Realization the synthesis in aqueous solution at room temperature that reduces the cost of the preparation procedure of nanosized ceria.

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  • Using of solid carbon in industrial branches. Analyzes of the unity of composition, molecular and supermolecular structure of shungite concentrate and silicon-carbon from rice hulls which provides their effective practical use in the same engineering.

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  • The features of production of Fe:MgAl2O4 nanopowders by evaporation of targets made from a oxide mixture by repetitively pulsed laser radiation. Differences in the phase compositions of the solid powder substances. A rate of the cooling the ytterbium.

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  • Catalytic, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of cobalt sulfide. Chemical structure and application of inorganic compounds and salts the sulfurous acid. Brief description of the structure of pyrite. Methods for the synthesis of the metals.

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  • A controlling the morphology of zinc hydroxide and zinc oxide at room temperature without using any template or surface ligand. Identify the precipitated materials. Dependence of ZnO morphology on Zn2+ concentration. Scanning electron microscopy of zinc.

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  • Analysis of the method of synthesis of new materials with carboxylic acid groups, based on the template method, was developed. The efficiency of this methodology was demonstrated by powder x-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis.

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  • Synthesis of folate-ferrocene conjugate (FFC) through a stage of synthesis ferrocene carboxylic acid. Confirmation of the structure of the conjugate by the methods of spectroscopy. Studies of the biological activity of FFC by the method of tissue culture.

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  • This paper describes the synthesis of sodium alginate/hydroxyapatite composites and the influence of the presence of Alg on HA crystallization. It was shown that the presence of Alg and the increase of its concentration leads to the decrease of the HA.

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  • The use of ethylene oxide (EO) as a chemical intermediate. A suggested process flow diagram Ethylene Oxide Process. Process Details: feed, effluent, recycle streams, deliverables and grading. Economic analysis the equivalent annual operating cost.

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  • The theoretical bases lactic acid adsorption at the mineral and carbon adsorbents. Influence of acidity on equilibrium and speed of absorption. Sorption facilities of zeolite to lactic acid in the static conditions. Adsorption capasity of adsorbents.

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  • Analysis, synthesis and properties of six isomeric heterocyclic systems containing two fused rings of pyridine with different relative positions of the atoms of nitrogen - naphthyridines. Physicochemical properties and reactivity of naphthyridines.

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