Research of graph–based image segmentation algorithm

The methods of image segmentation, a process of division of an image into different segments which contain pixels of similar color, are considered. Graph-based segmentation algorithm, which is based on Kruskal’s algorithm is implemented in C++ language.

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  • The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • Improved algorithm for object tracking is for using as part of the machine vision system of image acquisition and processing capable mobile robots. Classical implementation of normalized cross-correlation for face tracking. Experimental results.

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  • Course determination algorithm that proposed based on the correlation of pairs of images. The errors of course determination that are investigated for different threshold values of normalized correlation coefficient. Components of course errors.

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  • In the article efficiency of DCT-based filters for a wide-class of images is investigated. The study is carried out for additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) case with several intensity levels. Local DCT-based filter is used as basic denoising technique.

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  • Dictionary data structures. Tolerant retrieval: Wildcards, Spell correction, Soundex. Sort-based index construction. Blocked sort-based Indexing (Sorting with fewer disk seeks). Remaining problem with sort-based algorithm. Single-pass in-memory indexing.

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  • Characteristics and use of a RGB color space. Methods transmission colors in images. Working RGB color space for applications. Their use in order to minimize the image space. Analysis of digital image processing and conversion. Future RGB Display spaces.

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  • The analysis of algorithms for image representation to recognition of 3D face scans with the presence of facial expressions. The input point cloud based on curvature analysis and range image representation to achieve a representation of the face features.

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  • Questionnaires are the tools uses in lexical typology with collect data for low-resourced languages, for which there are no large corpora or detailed dictionaries. Algorithm for automatically collect visual stimuli for lexico-typological research.

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  • Human Insulin, PDB entry 1AIO. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript. Virus structure, superimposed over its PDB summary information. Image produced with PDB Structure Explorer, which is based on MolScript and Raster3D.

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  • The classification method, based on Combined Swarm Negative Selection Algorithm, which was originally designed for binary classification problems. The accuracy of developed algorithm was tested in an experimental way with the use of microarray data sets.

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